Most of us are familiar with Colombia as the “home” of coffee flavors, but the multifaceted and expansive coffee culture we know today has many homes. There are so many other parts of the world that have chipped into the growth of coffee. In fact, it’s safe to say that every country has contributed a piece of their local flavor and history into the coffee empire we know and love today.


It’s easy to overlook “kitchen issues” at the office. The mugs are piling up in the sink. There are stains all over the counter. Employees roll their eyes at the k-cup selection; “oh. Breakfast Blend. Again.” And the creamer? Half and half – on a good day. But it’s hard to overlook these “minor” issues when they snowball into their potential… Your kitchen starts to smell like rotting coffee grounds. Your employees grow irritated, day after day, at the lack of variety staring back at them. They begin to lose motivation, re-enforcing to each other, in hushed whispers of resentment, this idea that you don’t care about their well-being.


As smaller coffee programs fight for their fair share of the coffee market, and larger chains sink their teeth into profit potential, we’re seeing a wave of maddening innovation sweep the country. Unique selling tactics, merchandise displays, social media integration – new approaches to capture a piece of the coffee market are popping out of the wood work on a consistent basis. It’s almost as if there is no limit to the amount of renovation, transformation and enhancement coffee bars can initiate.


In our post last week, we talked about a radical shift in the convenience store coffee market; with prices at a painful plateau, people are straying from luxury brands like Starbucks and gravitating more towards value-priced coffee chains. And while larger retailers are suffering from wide, open margins and customer losses, smaller retailers are reveling in this newly available market space.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink coffee in space? What about sit in a Wes Anderson wonderland, complete with vintage pinball machines, while sipping on your morning mocha? With the most recent breakthroughs in the coffee industry, from farming and roasting, to production and culture, we’re creating, drinking and enjoying our java in ways we never thought possible.