September 29th is National Coffee Day 2020

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September 29th is National Coffee Day 2020

national coffee dayAs September draws to a close and the fall weather sets in, we at Quality Express Coffee are celebrating our favorite day of the year: National Coffee Day.

When is National Coffee Day?

While many countries around the world recognized this holiday, the United States and 20 other countries recognize September 29th as our blessed day.

Although our Java Genius’ spend most of their time in the lab, working tirelessly on bold new blends to keep the world buzzing, one or two of our Genius’ love history.  What better time to discuss the story of our favorite caffeinated beverage than the day dedicated to coffee?

The First Java Genius

It was goats!

That’s right, as described by the National Coffee Association, a goat herder noticed some particularly chilling effects after his herd ate the berries from one specific bush.  The energy associated with the fruit would energize them and keep them up for hours, delaying their sleep patterns.

From there, the first Java genius shared a prototype of our morning mojo with fellow abbots, passing around a recipe that would precipitate the growth of coffee!

The Buzz Explosion

Despite our modern use of the coffee bean in its notable beverage form, there were many early applications

From the beginning, the coffee market had existed largely in the Arabian Peninsula.  By boiling the beans, traders could effectively kill the beans ability to grow into a baby shrub.  This effectively patented the commodity and secured the fruit against competing regions.  The coffee trade would reside in the Arabian Peninsula for hundreds of years before leaving this area of the world.

So whether brewing a fresh pot at home or standing in the catastrophic line for a free cup, take a moment to think about the quirky history this beverage has had in the world.  And remember, it’s never too late to browse our online market

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