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Touchless Coffee Machine for Your Office

Experience the ultimate user-friendliness when it comes to preparing your cup of coffee with Zia touchless coffee machines.

Zia introduces a brand new office coffee machine with touchless feature, allowing you to stay sanitized and healthy while you prepare and enjoy your fresh cup of coffee.

As seen in the video, with the Zia touchless coffee machine, you just scan the QR code displayed on the screen of the machine and all your options are right there on your phone. Reduce the need to touch the machine, which reduces the chance of attracting any unknown germs!

Zia Coffee Machine

Key Features

  • CoEx® brewer & whole bean grinders
  • Three coffee variations
  • Enlarged visible bean canisters
  • 10.4″ full color touch screen
  • User friendly interface
  • Outlet indication & Cup sensor
  • Jug facility

Quench My Thirst


  • Front branding
  • On-screen communication options
  • Connect.Me® [Online monitoring]
  • Double cupstand
  • Base cabinet with condiment trays
  • Waste guide

De Jong DUKE’s Zia machine is the perfect touchless coffee machine for your office space. Set it up on a counter or the base cabinet that comes with it. Zia machines can either serve you personally or serve a whole jug for everyone at the meeting. At the end of the day, your Zia machine is easy and effortless to take apart and thoroughly clean.

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Why ConnectMe works for you

  • Access to statistics remotely
  • Check operational status of the machine
  • Get an email alert when an error occurs
  • Alerts to refill the ingredients

Why ConnectMe works for your customer

  • Higher uptime coffee machine thanks to remote maintenance information
  • Quick adjustment of recipes
  • Real-time updating videos, images and messages on-screen
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