3 New Coffee Blends: Yay or Nay?

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3 New Coffee Blends: Yay or Nay?


coffee flavorsIf you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all.. This couldn’t be less true for coffee and the infinite variation contained in it’s rich, flavorful blends. Java scientists and tastebud technicians are constantly reconfiguring coffee blends, adding swirls of spice and dashes of ideas, like it’s a goblet of witches brew. The diversity contained within, and available for, coffee blends has grown substantially, and the alchemists behind the scenes are continuing to churn out deliciously different blends of mocha.

A coffee blend really starts with a blank slate, and the implementation is like a science experiment. You can throw literally any flavor into the mix, but results may vary in regards to satisfaction. There are videos and reviews all over the net of dedicated drinkers reacting to new coffee flavors from various brand names. And while some bold new blends are a total hit with first-time buyers, others fail in the face of the discerning market place. It doesn’t seem the world is quite ready for coffee beans soaked in monkey spit. Or rather, they just don’t want it. But that’s okay, because the stranger the flavors, the longer we stay invested in coffee and it’s thriving, innovative industry. After all, who would keep drinking if their only choices were French Vanilla and Hazelnut?

As we’ve seen with every other product, consumers today love their choices. And coffee blends today do not disappoint. Here are three of the most popular “off the beaten path” coffee blends released in the past year, and how the general public received the new brews.

1. Ice Cream Coffee, by Dunkin’ Donuts

Imagine all your favorite ice cream flavors available in your morning cup of coffee. You could always just plop a scoop into your mug.. but now you don’t have to! Because Dunkin’ is bringing you the full effect. Thank you Dunkin’! They have teamed up with sister partner, Baskin Robbins, to deliver, once again, their in-high-demand ice cream flavored coffee. Dunkin’ serves hot coffee, iced coffee and lattes in the flavors of Cookie Dough, Butter Pecan and their newer additions, Rocky Road and Fudge Coffee. Fudge Coffee! Despite tasting incredibly similar to the actual ice cream flavors, many people have cringed at the amount of sugar involved in these drinks. Maybe that’s why they’re only around for a limited time. Regardless, they continue to be a smash hit every time they make their way to the menu, and Dunkin’ continues adding exciting new flavors to the mix.

2. New Frappuccino Flavors by Starbucks

Starbucks has 6 new flavors out on the market this summer! Feeling a little crazy for their 20th anniversary, Starbucks decided to create a Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cotton Candy, Red Velvet Cake, Lemon Bar, Cupcake and Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino. There is no arguing that these flavors are unique to coffee. And while many appreciated the fun freshness of these unconventional flavors, some coffee drinkers were a bit confused. What’s up with all these random flavors? Some didn’t agree with the formulation of the flavors, (raspberry syrup in red velvet cake?!) some felt too strong a sugar rush through reading the names alone, but most were captivated and addicted upon first sip. Starbucks struck gold this year with their rich, heavenly blends of fun and unique flavor options!

3. Flavortown, by Guy Fieri

The master of radical, this guy is all in with his recent line of k-cups. This coffee is literally centered around flavor. Bold flavor. Big flavor. Killer flavor. And while we may be iffy about someone else claiming these things, Guy Fieri is probably the one person we can trust to deliver on his flavor promises. A renowned chef, Guy knows the importance of flavor mixing and what goes good together. His line is called, you guessed it; Flavortown, and comes with such flavors as Banana Fosters, Caramel Apple Bread Pudding, Chocolate Cannoli and Italian Rum Cake. Those are some bold flavors. Some people are not impressed, claiming his flavors sound like Willy Wonka creations. Some people love the boldness. One things for sure- if you’re looking to experiment with coffee flavor, look no further than Flavortown.

Sometimes new flavors are a hit, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they fly way over consumer preference. Sometime they’re not bold enough. In today’s crazy market, it seems the only important thing is that industries are trying. And with the coffee flavors available today, there’s no denying coffee is trying. If you’d like to start trying some of these bold new flavors, give our Java Geniuses a call today! Our scientists will be happy to brew up your very own, uniquely bold, flavor combination.

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