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Commercial Ice Maker Machine

A Frosty Fix To Keep Things Cool

What good is an office beverage station without ice? On a hot summer day, or after an exhausting client meeting, nothing beats throwing a couple cubes in your cup and sipping in that glacial mist. Ice machines send out that chill your employees so often need, helping to clear the air and cool things down when people get frazzled.

Quality Express Coffee carries many different styles of ice machines, from convenient, counter-top models to heavy-duty floor models, classic chic to sleek chic, automatic to scoop it yourself. Whatever your specifics, all of the ice machines we carry are designed with ultimate workplace benefits in mind: high-quality, high-powered endurance, copious amounts of storage capacity and purely professional service from yours truly.

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Alpine® Ice Machine 8150

Now you can keep your office ice needs stocked and ready. From single serve settings to mass-producing ice quantities, your office is prepared for the average Wednesday or celebratory holiday party.

Key Features

  • Daily Capacity – 33lbs
    alpine ice machine 8150

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  • Storage Capacity – 6lbs
  • Rated Voltage – 110V
  • Rated Frequency – 50-60Hz
  • Input Power – 180W
  • Refrigerant – R134a
  • Size (W xDxH) – 9 “x21”x27”
  • Weight – 66lbs

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Alpine® Ice Machine 8250

A step up from the Alpine Ice Machine 8150, this upgraded model will turn out 67% more ice than it’s smaller model. This office ice machine will keep moderate sized locations filled to the brim with ice all day long.

Key Features

apline ice machine 8250

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  • Daily Capacity-  55lbs
  • Storage Capacity – 8lbs
  • Rated Voltage – 110V
  • Rated Frequency – 50-60Hz
  • Input Power – 240W
  • Refrigerant – R134a
  • Size (W xDxH) – 14”x21”x27” Weight 66lbs

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Alpine® Floor Ice Machine 8602

apline ice machine 8602 Bigger than the two models above it, this machine is ready to take on your entire office’s ice needs. From the cafeteria to the large coffee bar, this office ice machine will do it all.

Key Features

  • Model 8602
  • Daily Capacity – 198 lbs
  • Storage Capacity – 62 lbs
  • Refrigerant – R134a
  • Rated Voltage – 110V
  • Rated Frequency – 50-60Hz
  • Input Power – 520W
  • Size (WxDxH) – 27“ x 28” x 40”
  • Weight – 125 lbs

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alpine ice machine 8150

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