3 Ways To Find The Perfect System For Office Coffee

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3 Ways To Find The Perfect System For Office Coffee


office coffeeEmployers recognize the importance of keeping their employees happy and energized without having them leave the facility to go wait in line for a cup of gourmet coffee or hot beverage. Happy employees are productive employees. Companies are starting to see that creating positive, relaxing environments for employees will lead to greater productivity and longer tenure.

Coffee Machines

The choices of how to prepare your morning cup of joe have exploded in the last 5 years. From instant coffee with actually flavor and depth, to completely self contained caffeine infusion systems with 100’s of flavor combinations, there is a brewing system for everyone and every company. The number of different brewing systems available can be overwhelming, but here are a few must knows:

  • traditional glass pot brewer
  • thermal carafe brewer
  • single cup pod brewer or K cup brewer
  • french press brewer

Coffee Consumption

Before even thinking about which system to get your office mates you must first answer the age old question; Arabica or Robusta? Do they prefer the good stuff or just some motivation juice? If most people just prefer regular and decaf than a traditional glass pot or thermal carafe brewer may be the answer. If they are looking for a variety of different coffee and hot beverages then a single cup brewer may be the best solution.

Single cup brewers

These brewers offer a variety of different coffee in a range of roasts from light to a dark french roast. There are 100’s of flavors to choose from and even some single cup brewers have the capability to create hot chocolate, cappuccino, apple cider and hot herbal teas. The benefit of a single cup brewer is:

  • consistency of each cup
  • less waste
  • easier clean up
  • variety of cup sizes

You will have to descale your brewer from time to time along with other daily /monhtly maintenance duties unless you have a coffee service company come in take care of all that for you. For offices of 20 employees or less a small single cup brewer usually will keep up just fine.  The typical brew time per cup is well under a minute.

Multi-cup brewers

Larger offices with more than 20 employees may prefer a plumbed in larger brewer. These machines offer the benefit of

  • not having to refill with water
  • pre-filtered water
  • automatic disposal of coffee pods or K cups
  • serves a variety of different tastes and preferences
  • includes all benefits of single cup brewers and more

Coffee Delivery

In a perfect world, you would have a coffee services company take care of all your hot beverage needs. There would be zero maintenance needed from employees, HR department or whomever else has taken it upon themselves to be the coffee king or coffee Queen in your office. Kudos to them for keeping the coffee dream alive but is it really their job?

Your employees need to focus on work, and the occasional, much deserved coffee break. You don’t need them leaving the office and wasting valuable company time hunting down a coffee service. Having a full service coffee station in your office is more affordable and budget conscientious than one may think. Because in the end, you want employees working and not descaling your office coffee machines.

Once you have an idea of what type of brewer would work best for you we recommend speaking with a Java Genius that can narrow down the search and help to find the best system for your office needs.

Are you looking for a quality office coffee delivery service?  Our Java Geniuses are ready to bring quality coffee to your office, workplace or shop.  Contact our team or call us at 866-452-8228