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Stuart Austin – Java Genius

The Supreme Customer Service Provider

stuart photoApril 1987 Stuart started his career at Coffee Corner Distributers in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Although he began working as a route driver, his talents were needed to help grow the sales end of the business. Stuart successfully helped to build a thriving business that in 1999 had 4 full time route drivers and over 1000 customers.

In 2000 he teamed up with his partners Ed and Scott to start Quality Express Coffee Service. Our mission had two parts. For our customers in the foodservice we wanted to focus on how to help the independent stores owners compete with the larger chains. In the office coffee world we wanted to bring the café experience to the work place. It is a constant ever changing environment but Stuart is passionate about providing outstanding service, using state of the art equipment, and exploring tasting and providing finest variety of coffee.

Stuart is married to his wife Isabel who tied the knot in 1992. Ironically enough; he met his wife Isabel while stopping into a newly built bagel store, not knowing he would also be spending the rest of his life building custom coffee bar stations inside new and current bagel/convince stores . They are happily married for 21 years and counting.

Stuart and Isabel live Robbinsville, NJ where he relaxes by his Koi Pond. They enjoy traveling and have been fortunate enough to visit some coffee farms around the world.

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