6 Signs Your Arid Office Needs To Have A Water Cooler

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6 Signs Your Arid Office Needs To Have A Water Cooler


qec water splash 1Sometimes, you can just tell when an office is too dry. Not the kind of dry that’s solved with a humidifier. The kind of dry where employees lag. There’s no juice. There’s no rush to get things done. People move slow, brainstorming struggles to flow.. In other words, there’s not enough water in the office. People aren’t replenishing their systems. And the office isn’t functioning like a well-oiled machine. It’s functioning like a dry, rusted, squeaky machine, forcing itself along.

There are tell tale signs that manifest when people do not consume enough water. In an office setting, or any larger group setting, these signs are more obvious when you look for them. Excessive migraines, hunger, fatigue. All of these little problems you’ve witnessed as a manager add up to one bigger problem: your office isn’t consuming enough water. Sure, these problems exist in general when it comes to work, but if they’re a constant problem, you might want to look into your water supply.

When people don’t consume enough water, and they’re under stress or exerting energy (mental and physical) on a daily basis, their insides suffer. Build-ups occur. Things aren’t flowing properly through their systems. They feel stiff. If they’re not drinking enough water, they’re not keeping their bodies and brains nourished, and a stiffness takes hold, along with many other, potentially damaging, health problems.

It’s recommended we drink 8 glasses of water a day. Your employees are probably not in the habit of packing a cooler full of water bottles. And your kitchen sink is less than ideal for healthy h20. Your team needs a visible reminder of replenishment, a water cooler, smack dab in the center of the office, or they’re going to drive themselves silly from too much work and not enough water. Here are 7 signs your office is suffering from dry-insides disease.

1. Dry Mouths

This one should be fairly easy to spot. Do your employees grab the water pitcher before every presentation? Is there an excessive amount of coughing, throat clearing and lip licking? Sometimes, all you have to do is listen. If there isn’t a pronounced boom coming from behind your teams words, their throat’s could be lacking in lubrication.

2. Headaches

It’s easy to write this one off as a common workplace problem, but when you’re encountering headaches on a daily basis, something is wrong. Often times, it’s that you’re not drinking enough water. Dehydration causes nasty, sharp headaches, and the problem will persist until your brain is quenched.

3. Consistent Hunger

When we find our appetites bigger than usual, it could be that our bodies are craving water, not food. Many people drink excess water as an appetite suppressant, but the regular 8 glasses does a great job at regulating your appetite. So the next time you head over to the snack bar, try the water cooler first. It might actually be that your stomach is growling for h20.

4. Fatigue

When we’re not consuming enough water, we begin to run on our own, internal water supply. And when that starts depleting, we really start to slow down. The lethargy you feel is your bodies way of telling you, “We don’t have much more in here- so drink up!” Help your body get back it’s bounce by drinking more water.

5. Increased Heart Rate

When you’re dehydrated, the volume of blood in your body decreases, and your heart steps in to compensate. Your heart will pump faster to try and maintain your normal blood pressure. To avoid these dangerous circumstances, your safest bet is to load up on water and lessen your chances of dehydration.

6. People are Thirsty!

Do you employees actively seek water? Do they go out and buy bottles? Are they emptying the Brita faster than a pack of coyotes? If your employees are constantly fleshing out new ways to bring water in to the office, it probably means you don’t have enough of it!

Water is part of our natural, human makeup. If you’re running an office with too little water, expect little activity out of your team. When you install a water cooler, you bring in a haven for the fatigued, the hungry, the dehydrated. You eliminate the problems and dangers of dehydration. You quench your office, and the dry stench of stagnation becomes fluid energy. Call one of our Quality Express aqua experts today and re-fuel your team spirit today!

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