2019 Trends In Office Coffee Services

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2019 Trends In Office Coffee Services


starbucks digi i cup machineThe 2019 year is a very exciting time for the office coffee service industry. Years ago, the
only real choice for your office coffee service was a glass pot to brew with and options of regular or de-café coffee. But as you know there was more; much more to the caffeine struggle then just glass pots, such as

  • Burnt coffee
  • Wasted coffee
  • Hours old coffee
  • Unable to recognize regular or deface coffee
  • Left over grounds in the pot
  • Argument son whose turn it is to clean the machine
  • Unable to agree on flavored coffees
  • Fresh ground or freeze yesterdays leftover grounds

The list goes on and unfortunately the only real way to find out if that coffee was decaf or regular was to wait an hour or so and see if on of your co-workers fall asleep at their desk or decided to take a pre-brunch a jog around the office building. Now lets not kid ourselves, some of these problems still persist today, but not from a lack of technology, but more so a lack of vision for the future.

The first great break through showed us the light: single cup coffee.

Now it’s time for the next generation of choices for the office. Machines available today meet the needs of today’s hot beverage needs including Cappuccinos’, Latte’s, Mochaccino and Espressos to name a few. All have the capabilities of brewing your perfect cup of awesome coffee in mere seconds. The tastes of these coffees are exceeding anything in the past but lets not forget the connivance factor here.

Yes we love coffee, so much that we are willing to drag our sleep laden eyes over to the coffee bar and commence in the cruel and unusual dance of adding water to our coffee pot, digging through boxes of lame, unflavored beans, finding filters (which are always gone), picking yesterdays grinds out of the pot just so we can rip open the coffee package( which  7 out of 10 times ends up pouring all over the office floor), all so we can nab some “go go juice” to help us get through our morning meetings.

What if mornings at the office coffee station could be different? What if you had the power to create an exceptional office coffee service for your entire company? Would you take the plunge into creating a better work environment? Would you take the hand of technology and say “lets go on an awesome coffee adventure” without ever having to leave your building?

Now imagine if your morning ritual was completely different. Imagine if you never had to fill the water container again. Never had to mess with coffee packages again. Never had to play coffee Russian roulette hoping you didn’t get the caffeine pot this morning. Imagine if with just a punch a button and you could have any type of coffee quicker than you can read your mornings first email. No disposal of the coffee pod or cartridges, no cleaning up the coffee grinds off the floor, no digging around that place they call the “office kitchen” hoping to find the last filter. These dreams are now a reality. With Coffee systems such as The OC System™ and the Starbucks® Interactive Cup Brewer, there are no limits to getting your caffeine and coffee fix with these new systems

The question now becomes, is your team fueled and focused on the job at hand or are they currently wasting time in the office community kitchen fiddling with ground bags of flavorless beans, chasing down filters, cleaning pots and de-scaling your coffee pot?

You need an office coffee service provider that not only delivers the best machines but also knows the best ways of setting up your office coffee station for maximum caffeine enjoyment and fun.

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