In most offices, the coffee station is the first stop for incoming employees. Before they begin socializing, and long before they begin working, employees auto-pilot their way over to the kitchen, where the sweet scents of java warm their insides. As more people filter in, and grab their morning mochas, the office transforms. What was once a still, dreary room of silence is now alive with a booming buzz of celestial energy.


Coffee does amazing things to the work place- it triggers employees’ “on” mode, giving them the mental fuel to fly through their days. Office coffee services have become a staple because of this. Companies are realizing the major benefits of having coffee stocked in their office, at all times. So these full-service, office coffee carriers are taking a big leap in business – but many of them are overcharging their customers and under delivering on value.

In the 1800s, many Americans worked seventy hours or more per week. Even into the early 1900’s, specifically around the Great Depression, many would work 40 hours and then clock out and work another 4-5 hours for free just to keep their job. Thankfully, those tough times are in the rear view mirror, but still the number of hours Americans workers put in, on average, is just shy of 50 hours a week.

That is a lot of hours. Surprisingly, just because we work more hours does not make us more productive according to a Gallup survey. So, how do we get our edge back?


Without coffee even the best office can turn into a crisis center, complete with employees dozing off at their desk, falling asleep in meetings with clients, and much worse. However, getting that revitalizing cup of joe isn’t always simple. Many companies with 10+ employees have a office coffee delivery service, which brings the coffee, machines, and coffee fixings directly to your cubicle. If you have a good office coffee service provider, they will even maintain and clean your coffee machines as a part of the deal.

If you are still not sure you need an office coffee service, read the pros and cons of each coffee delivery system before


Companies all across the country are starting to offer more incentive packages such as paying for you to take a vacation, free food, work from home hours and even longer maternity and paternity leave time.  While many of those take time to cut through the red tape, there is still one simple way to really make an impact now for your employees; an office coffee station.


Finding ways to increase convenience store coffee sales can be tough when you feel that you’ve exhausted the standard methods of bringing in business. Discounts, special promotions, and loyalty perks can only take your business so far. Here are some tips that shift the sales focus and responsibility to your actual brick and mortar store, that will not only entice new customers but also encourage repeat customers to come back often

  1. Coffee should always be fresh