How Coffee Does (And Doesn’t) Increase Positivity

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How Coffee Does (And Doesn’t) Increase Positivity


happy coffeeThe link between coffee and high energy is obvious; as caffeine seeps into the wirings of our mind and body, increasing heart rate and stimulating the nervous system, those quintessential, caffeinated bursts of energy are undeniable – and rather exciting! You go from trudging and whining to dancing and laughing. From hazy to laser-focused. From a zombie to a mad scientist. And while there is a much more complicated process going on in your brain, the simple explanation seems to be: coffee makes us happy.

Now let’s look at that complicated brain process.. In our heads live a balanced production system of cortisol (often referred to as the “stress hormone) and serotonin – the “happy” neurotransmitter.

When the brain produces inadequate amounts of serotonin, there is potential for anxiety and depression – we lack the “happy” chemicals. Consequently, when your serotonin levels trump cortisol, symptoms may include rapid heart beat, confusion, and possible seizures – we have too many happy chemicals. So it’s important that these levels maintain delicate equilibrium, as an overabundance of either can send us into delusion or delirium.

Here’s what coffee does; coffee strikes a balance. One to two cups of coffee gives you that perky, morning positivity without frying your nerves.

Caffeine increases serotonin production, which increases excitability. Serotonin increases cortisol production, which sharpens our focus and keeps our nervous system on high alert. These small increases in serotonin and cortisol are okay in terms of health – but anything more can take a serious toll on your nervous system.

Too Much Of Anything

It coffee had a warning label, it would probably read something like, “Cannot grant eternal focus and excitability. Do not try.” The American Dietetic Association’s Complete Food and Nutrition Guide claims that three cups of coffee is too much, which is even more of a reason to stop filling your tank with 5 cups of poor quality coffee and start ingesting a couple of cups the good stuff!
Despite caffeine’s enchanting ability to increase serotonin, you venture into dangerous territory when you try curing all your slumps with a shot of espresso.
“Oh no! I’m feeling sad. Time for coffee.”
“Darn. Flat tire. Coffee will help me deal.”
This is called addiction. And when that happens, all the benefits of this pure and magical liquid disappear; leaving your system fried, as opposed to delicately refreshed.

Remembers It’s Purpose.

So coffee can’t grant you impermeable positivity and happiness. What coffee can do is raise your spirits, sharpen your focus and get you into the swing of a busy morning. Coffee actually has the ability to calm you upon ingestion, as you slowly begin to feel more in-tune with the day ahead. Coffee can help shift your attitude, simply by awakening parts of the mind that have a tendency to hit the snooze button.

Enjoy It’s Purpose

The real beauty of caffeine lies in it’s deep, organic strength. From harvesting, to grinding, to drinking, coffee maintains this rich connection to the earth. And java drinkers rejoice in that. The powerful textures and purity of flavors literally melt into tastebuds, the scents swirling around our nose, creating a whimsically delicious experience. Even before caffeine enters our bodies, it is this experience of foreplay that gives us extreme comfort and pleasure. We know that soon enough, our feet will start moving with the rhythm of caffeinated energy; but that first morning sip, the one that warms our insides, is really what makes us genuine happiness.

Coffee can assist in streamlining your focus, boosting your mood, and providing an all-around comforting experience. It isn’t a mythical juice that alters your reality and leads you to everlasting ecstasy – but it can have similar affects when consumed too heavily, and too often. Don’t diminish the magic of coffee by forcing it. Drink it in, let it be and watch the power of your individual mentality unfold. Coffee doesn’t dispense positivity super powers – it just makes it easier to access our own.

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