Pass The Pot! Office Coffee Services That Reduce Employee Stress


There is more to office coffee than hitting the “brew” button – find out if you’re pouring unnecessary time into the workplace beverage station.

It’s 12:30 in the afternoon, and you’ve got to run out and re-stock the office’s coffee. It’s 5:30, and you’ve got to stick around the workplace and clean the pots, preparing them for tomorrow’s breakfast bustle. Have you ever stopped, hands deep in soap suds, as you’re scrubbing away the days stains on your pots, the room growing darker as the evening sets in, and asked yourself; why am I doing this? This isn’t part of my job.

Office Coffee Services To The Rescue!

These coffee chores may seem obligatory to most company leaders, but what many of these courteous bosses don’t see are the time-cuts associated with taking on such benevolent tasks. Maintaining and replenishing the office coffee is essential to any company, but since when did all those tasks fall to an internal team member – much less a team leader, who has umpteen other concerns that precede a stained coffee pot? So it’s time to ask yourself: how much time have you spent replenishing your coffee station while you could have been replenishing your business?

If the answer is any amount of time, then it’s too much time. It’s admirable that employers take on extra responsibilities to nurture their team, (like maintaining a picturesque coffee station) but most of the time it’s unnecessary, and actually hinders their attempts to balance productivity levels. If the boss is leaving here and there to pick up sugars, or staying late to clean the pots, they’re not only getting mentally side-tracked; they’re wasting time performing the duties a professional vendor should be handling.

If you’ve been brushing off your coffee station tasks as minute handy-man work, let’s take a closer look at the time cuts associated with acting as the company coffee conductor…

  • Pot cleaning: 30 minutes. A quick scrub down will usually suffice; but, at least once a week, coffee pots and machines need to be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. This process is more complicated and time-consuming than the daily sponge-bath.
  • Machine repair: Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, taking into account the potential wait time for reaching a customer service rep, scheduling an inspection, and possibly installing a new machine. If the problem is substantial, the entire process could take weeks. In the meantime, you may feel pressure to lease a replacement machine – which many companies will tack on as an additional fee.
  • Coffee purchase: 30 minutes. Most employers will stock up on K-cups or coffee beans on their way home. This cuts into their off-hours, (which are so few) and is wildly disruptive to their evening commute home.
  • Random re-stock: 30 minutes – 1 hour. We say “random” because that’s usually how sugars, creamers and other coffee fixings run out – randomly, sporadically, in the middle of the day. This requires a quick run to the grocery store, but depending on various factors – traffic, proximity, volume of people in grocery store – this pit stop may turn into it’s own time slot on your schedule.

Imagine telling your secretary to block off 2 hours from your schedule for coffee management – it just doesn’t fit. Coffee doesn’t fit into your schedule, your mindset or any of the goals you have as a manager. Your workplace is strictly for your work – a place to birth business growth and forge a path unique to your company. Your team works with your vision; a coffee delivery team works with their vision. And their vision is coffee. Let a professional coffee service do the job they love, so you have more time for the one you love.

Ready to take back your productivity time, and say goodbye to office coffee chores for good? Call 866-JAVA-2U to set up a consultation with one of our dedicated Java Geniuses and let a trusted coffee delivery service handle all your hot beverage and supply needs.

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