How Office Coffee Boosts Team Spirit & Builds Employee Retention

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How Office Coffee Boosts Team Spirit & Builds Employee Retention

coffee perksAnyone who works in an office is familiar with the morning dread of walking through those front doors – Is my voicemail light blinking? Which deadlines are priority? How many e-mails have I racked up since midnight? It’s a feeling that creates mental chaos before even leaving the house.

The Modern Day Perk

Many people hold a traditional view of workplace perks – company lunches, company cars, cell phones. And while these perks are actually very much appreciated among today’s workforce, there are many other options that elicit workplace enjoyment.

Dropbox, the renowned file hosting service, provides employees with a game room, (including a ping pong table) whiskey Fridays, and a fully-stocked music studio. Clif Bar & Company, a leader in organic food, offers employees paid gym time, along with a built-in rock-climbing wall.

Now, these industry leaders have a financial advantage when it comes to providing perks, but they share a similar attitude when it comes to employee satisfaction: you’ve got to show genuine appreciation for the people that come in everyday for you. And that appreciation doesn’t always have to come in the form of higher pay.

One of the responsibilities a company has is to reduce this chaos, and ensure an easy transition from employees’ personal lives to their work lives. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this important aspect of employee satisfaction. They see a monthly salary and generous benefit package as sufficient enough to retain their workforce. And while financial security may be a major driver in initial employment, it’s the everyday office environment that determines whether your employees feel dread or joy upon entering the office. If they continually feel dread, they won’t be sticking around for long.

So how do offices create an atmosphere of comfort and joy, as opposed to drear and dread? How do they liven up the office, and motivate employees to stick around for the long haul? Simple. By blending professional responsibility and personal comfort. In other words, by implementing super awesome and unconventional workplace perks.

Why Quirky Perks Work

The reason today’s more unconventional office perks work so well is because they show true initiative. When it comes to raising workplace spirit and retaining employees, successful companies have shown us: extravagance means very little. It’s the relevance and sincerity behind these perks that make all the difference.

You can bet that these company leaders didn’t randomly toss a rock wall into their office; they sat down with their employees, inquired about their concerns, and then formulated an appropriate solution to meet their needs. That is the hallmark of today’s workplace perks – a genuine effort to provide genuine comfort.

Today’s perks center around sincerity; they are less standard and more personal. For example, Dropbox’s “whiskey Fridays” – the simple notion of celebrating Friday in true TGIF fashion – incorporates a piece of personal life into the office. This lessens the rigidity of a sometimes brutal office setting. It lightens the mood. When employees feel their office carries with it some sort of personal sentiment – a piece of their own lives – they’re more likely to relax, feel at home, and look forward to work days.

Workplace perks don’t have to be over the top – they just have to bring that unmistakable warmth to your employees; something that immediately makes them smile when they walk through those front doors. Maybe it’s a basketball hoop. Maybe it’s an espresso machine. Maybe it’s a slide going down the stairwell. Whatever it is, if a workplace perk touches your employees’ hearts on a personal level, and makes them forget, just for a second, the frustrations of a grueling schedule; then it’s doing its job.

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