5 Ways To Solve Your Tragic Office Coffee Crisis

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5 Ways To Solve Your Tragic Office Coffee Crisis


Without coffee even the best office can turn into a crisis center, complete with employees dozing off at their desk, falling asleep in meetings with clients, and much worse. However, getting that revitalizing cup of joe isn’t always simple. Many companies with 10+ employees have a office coffee delivery service, which brings the coffee, machines, and coffee fixings directly to your cubicle. If you have a good office coffee service provider, they will even maintain and clean your coffee machines as a part of the deal.

If you are still not sure you need an office coffee service, read the pros and cons of each coffee delivery system before

Old School Coffee Maker – Sure this is an easy way to inject the sweet aroma and jolt of energy into your employees but who is in charge of cleaning the pot and coffee maker? Picking up supplies? For a few employees, this is not that big of a deal but for an entire office of caffeine hungry workers; things could escalate quickly into coffee bean madness.

Single Serve Coffee Machine – Single serve coffee makers are very popular in homes and offices. Easy to clean, easy to use and offer a wide variety of K-cups to satisfy all your employees cravings. For a larger office, the cost could sky rocket especially if everyone has there own specific taste. Average cost from an office coffee service vendor is .30¢ to .50¢. Store bought could get as high as .80¢ to $1.00 per K-cup. Doesn’t seem like much now, but think about how much a full year would cost.

French Press Or Pour Over – You can always tell that you have a coffee snob or coffee purist in your office when you see someone using a French Press or Pour Over. Grinding your own beans right before use delivers the best coffee flavor money can buy. Top quality will always cost more. Grinding beans for each and every cup will really cut into employee work time unless you have an all in one system, like a Starbucks Interactive cup brewer.

Bringing Coffee From Home – Many coffee addicts load up with coffee from home, carrying in everything from a 12-ounce traveler mug to a giant 34-ounce super coffee gulp. Eventually the coffee well runs dry and employees are forced to seek their caffeine addition elsewhere. A regular coffee from a Starbucks runs about $2.00. Do that a few times a week and suddenly the money saving “bring your coffee to work” idea just failed.

Buying Coffee offsite – Every corner has a coffee shop now, so why not just run down there to get the next perk up? Sure it’s a break from work but breaks turn into second lunches. Unless you stick to just the coffee, the habit is going to empty your wallet quickly and add to your waistline if you like those calorie-filled white chocolate mochas. Plus, you have to leave your office, cutting into your working time.

It’s time to leave the old school way of providing coffee for your office or company. Step up your coffee game and talk with one of our Java Geniuses to get your office productivity back on track.

Are you looking for a quality office coffee delivery service?  Our Java Geniuses are ready to bring quality coffee to your office, workplace or shop.  Contact our team or call us at 866-452-8228