Quality Coffee and Customer Value Makes All The Difference

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Quality Coffee and Customer Value Makes All The Difference

quality coffeeCoffee is to people as gasoline is to automobiles. The fuel we use for a productive day is important to us. But for the majority of us, coffee isn’t just a means to an end. We love coffee, and we know the difference between your run-of-the-mill brew and the “good stuff.”

As consumers, we’ve become more and more picky about the coffee we drink. The majority of us are only willing to drink a high-quality brew, and want a number of options beyond black coffee.

So what does this mean for the companies selling the coffee?

The Coffee the Modern Consumer Wants

These days, coffee drinkers have a lot of options. There’s that one green-branded coffee giant everyone’s been chasing, the neighborhood coffee shop, the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s, and convenience stores.

How can you stand out in such a crowded market? It all starts with your product: the coffee itself.

Plenty of stores will compete on price. But with consumer willing to pay significant premiums for great coffee, why set the bar low? If people want great-quality coffee, give it to them!

Remember: If it’s just as convenient to buy a cup of coffee at the corner store as it is a fast food chain, then quality is the great differentiator.

Think of the average coffee drinker: While some will pay five dollars for the single greatest cup of coffee known to man – and others will never pay more than one dollar for theirs – most want to get the best-quality coffee for a reasonable price. Your potential customers are looking for the best value. If you can give them an appetizing cup for a price they’re willing to pay, you’ll have a great source of income.

How to Sell to the Modern Coffee Consumer

While the quality of your coffee is key, its presentation is equally as important. People have to feel that they are purchasing a quality product. This includes the total customer experience.

Take it from Deborah Holand, President of Food Sense Inc.: “It’s not enough to be right on price. Quality, variety, freshness, cleanliness, consistency, atmosphere and service all are factors in a strong value proposition.”

If your customers perceive your store, cups, or condiments to be low quality, the true quality of your coffee is almost insignificant. Your store must look like it offers high-quality coffee in order for customers to want it.

Though your first order of business is to get the high-quality product itself, you truly must attract the consumers first. Once they’re comfortable with the idea of purchasing their coffee at your store, you must deliver.

If you’re able to do this, you’re bound to have a repeat customer

Looking for a high-quality coffee to entice your customers?

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