How Office Perks Like Coffee Services Keep & Attract Top Talent

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How Office Perks Like Coffee Services Keep & Attract Top Talent

In the 1800s, many Americans worked seventy hours or more per week. Even into the early 1900’s, specifically around the Great Depression, many would work 40 hours and then clock out and work another 4-5 hours for free just to keep their job. Thankfully, those tough times are in the rear view mirror, but still the number of hours Americans workers put in, on average, is just shy of 50 hours a week.

That is a lot of hours. Surprisingly, just because we work more hours does not make us more productive according to a Gallup survey. So, how do we get our edge back?

A UK study, which surveyed 2,500 office workers in everything from tech and banking to advertising and legal, said that small perks in the office such as fresh fruit, snacks and good office coffee service, are important in sustaining employee morale and increasing productivity. Around 40% of the workers surveyed said they’ve had a creative idea or solved a difficult problem on a coffee break.

Of those who filled out the survey, 70% of respondents said that having a quality coffee in the workplace would help them feel valued by their employer. While a quarter of respondents said the provision of high quality coffee at work would improve their daily work life to a great extent, and two thirds said they find out more about what’s going on in their company from conversations around the coffee machine than from formal company emails or meetings.

Employees are more demanding in having quality office coffee services on board and more offices want to stop employees from leaving to find good coffee out of the office. The problem really isn’t a problem if you have a coffee delivery service or at the very least a coffee station set up to meet the employees needs.

The survey also found that for employees, the standard of office coffee is becoming a way of judging a company. More than one in four – 26% – of respondents say they assess the quality of a company by the coffee it provides, while 11% said they would reject a job offer based on the coffee they got at an interview.

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