How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 3

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How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 3


When was the last time your company smelled like team spirit – employees surging with synergy, workflow streaming steady, and productivity flying high? If that’s been an all too rare occurrence in your office, something is standing in the way of this workplace euphoria – and it could be your coffee station.

Most companies underestimate the impacts of a high-quality hot beverage service in the office.

Employees depend on their coffee every day. For some, it is the life force that keeps them together. For others, it is a chance to steal away some time, and trade client horror stories while filling their mugs. For most, it’s a mental replenishment like no other.

In our last two posts, we discussed how an office coffee service;

–    stirs up office communication.

–    ensures employees feel valued.

–    creates a community.

–    reduces stress.

When an office has good, quality coffee with stocked supplies and diversified flavors; energy shifts. Morale soars, bonds strengthen, productivity rises, stress lightens – team spirit begins to manifest.

Let’s continue our countdown with the final three reasons an office coffee service is essential to workplace spirit and employee morale.

5. Office Coffee Services Increase Workplace Satisfaction

On average, employees leave the office for 15 minutes a day to seek out a cup of coffee. Based on this average, just how much collective time do employees spend seeking out their preferred coffee and tea elsewhere?

A small office of 10 employees = 2.5 hours a day, 12.5 hours a week

A larger office of 100 employees = 25 hours a day, 125 hours a week

Your employees don’t want to trek across town for coffee any more than you want them to. Those coffee runs cut into the work day and hinder productivity. When they’re satisfied with in-house coffee services, employees can stay put for their caffeine cravings, and workflow can remain unperturbed.

6. Office Coffee Services Promote Positivity Throughout The Office

A brief exchange about a TV show, a quick-witted joke concerning a pesky client… these things have reach when it comes to keeping spirits up around the office. A well-stocked coffee station encourages these moments by providing a spot for employees to socialize and spread light-hearted cheer. Recent studies conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence report that employees with a superior coffee station at their disposal demonstrated a more positive attitude. In turn, their positive attitudes transmitted to other nearby employees.

7. Office Coffee Services Provide A Choice

Providing your employees with coffee is one thing; providing them with their coffee is quite another. Every coffee drinker has his or her own style. Some like their coffee black with no frills, while others prefer the richness of espresso. Tea drinkers may prefer specific herbal blends.

Coffee drinkers have preferences. Your employees have preferences. When your office beverage station is stock-full of those preferences – flavor choices, enhancers, fixings – employees are more inclined to hang around the office for their caffeine kicks.

Providing the best coffee service benefits both your employees and your company’s bottom line. Delight your team with diverse options and watch a surge in both morale and production. Coffee makes your employees happy and when employees are happy, they work harder for you.

If you’re ready to pump up your workplace and warm your employees with the sweet, assorted scents of an office coffee service, call 866-425-8228 or click here to contact one of our Java Geniuses. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits a coffee service brings to the workplace, click below to download your free guide, 7 Reasons Enhanced Coffee And Tea Services Improve Employee Morale.

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