11 MORE Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Sales At Convenience Stores

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11 MORE Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Sales At Convenience Stores


coffee salesIn the last blog, we showed you how to increase convenience store coffee sales and found people like yourself were hungry for more! So, here are 11 MORE ways for you to maximize your convenience store sales.

  • All equipment in your convenience store should be working or removed – Out of order signs, or broken machines left out in view make your store look dated, and not able to provide products that customers may want. If something breaks, fix it immediately or put it in the back until you can.
  • Shelving should be stocked – Constantly replenish your shelving. Maintaining current products and keeping them fully stocked will encourage customers to come in frequently to get their favorite products, without having to worry that you’re “out again”.
  • Products should be in date and free of dust – This goes along with keeping fresh, current products. No one wants to have to dust off something they’re about to consume!
  • Dispose of old inventory – This is a given, if you want a fresh, current stock of your products to be available to customers. Once something is expired, or no longer relevant to your current sales promotions, get rid of it!
  • Work with local organizations to help build community relations – Customers love to see businesses helping the community, and contributing to the greater good. Whether it’s sponsoring a little league team, or donating a portion of sales to a local cause, customers will take this into consideration when they decide where to buy.
  • Have friendly employees greet customers – Establish a good relationship with the customer from the moment they enter your store. Have employees say hello to people walking in, and engage the customer until the sale is finished. Simple things like staying OFF the phone at the register can make the customer feel like a priority.
  • Keep your store smelling fresh – Smell plays a huge roll in whether customers want to shop at your store. Keeping surfaces and floors wiped down and clean, and removing any trash that could affect the smell of your store is crucial to customer satisfaction.
  • Keep drug paraphernalia and pornography out of main sight – If your store sells any of the above, keep in mind that not everyone wants to see it front and center when they walk into your store. Have a separate place for these categories away from the main area.
  • Bathroom should be stocked, clean and working – If you allow public access to your bathroom, always make sure it’s clean and stocked. Customers highly value a place where they can use the bathroom, and keeping it well maintained will keep them coming back to your store.
  • Store temperature should be comfortable – In the winter, crank up the heat, and in the summer, make sure your establishment is cool enough for comfort. Customers are unlikely to come in, or stick around if they’re uncomfortable with the temperature.
  • Keep walkways clutter free – As with the outside of your store, make sure that inside is clear of clutter as well. Allowing people to move around without bumping into shelves, or products on the floor area is important.

Ready for your convenience store to DOUBLE it’s sales? Follow these tips and remember, customers always talk about your store both good and bad so lets give them something good to talk about!

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