America’s Favorite Mediocre Coffee Brand

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America’s Favorite Mediocre Coffee Brand


coffee yawn officeHave we lost our java way?

With coffee prices on the rise, it’s no wonder that Americans are turning to cheaper brands to satisfy their morning buzz. Luxury taste and gourmet flavor has slipped the the wayside as our survival instincts kick in, and our wallets want nothing more than to grab whatever does the least amount of damage. Value coffee is and has been on the rise for quite some time. With the drought in Brazil hindering crops, chains like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, and many convenience stores as well, have been gaining in popularity. Does that mean your team also has to settle for fast food coffee?

You live on price, your taste buds die by price.

Prices are definitely playing a role in this highly unbalanced market, but America is also keen on another factor that greatly influences their purchase decisions: convenience. If anyone loves convenience, it’s us. And the data on current coffee sales proves it. Sales of coffee pods, over ground coffee, has jumped almost 150,000% over the past 10 years. With that, sales of pod coffee machines have outweighed drip coffee machines for quite some time. Keurig tops the charts in coffee sales, followed by Foldgers and then Starbucks.

So what does all of this say about our choices?

That it’s apparent we’re not exactly after quality coffee anymore. Which means, we’re giving less and less of a hoot about what we consume, how we consume it, and the atmospherical aftermath of consuming a bad cup of coffee – we all know that our day doesn’t get better after a lousy cup of joe. But what’s scary is what this “settlement” is doing to our mindsets. The cultural perspective is shifting. As our preferences drop, our standards dwindle, and suddenly, what’s brewing in our machines doesn’t have a name, a flavor, or any kind of specific aroma. It’s just coffee. We’re not interested in tingling our taste buds with gourmet blends. Industry analyst Howard Telford seems to think that many Americans today wouldn’t even be able to appreciate the finer tastes of high-end coffee if it hit them square on the tongue.

Are Americans ok with mediocre coffee?

But studies show that the bulk of America is perfectly fine with getting back to basics. Drinking “bad” coffee is not the end of the world. The questions is, are you fine with it? Personally, you may be. But professionally, in your office or store, you probably want to project an image of high quality and worth. When employees feel valed, they produce valuable work. When your guests, or employees, enter, you probably want to have some nicer brews on display than a generic, store-bought brand, or a couple pots and some plastic cups.

The reality is, whatever brand consumers drink, however “cheap” they decide to go with their coffee, they’re going to expect something more from the companies they frequent. A coffee bar makes an impression, and if you’re serving the same grounds of Foldgers your customers just had at home, it’s not going to make much of an impression.

The coffee landscape has changed – but that doesn’t mean your professional standards should. Don’t fall into the trend of buying “bad” coffee just because it’s what the cool kids are doing. Try your best to inject some quality into the thick film of mediocrity that lies over the country. America may be okay with settling for second best, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Call one of our Java Geniuses today at 866-4-JAVA-2U, or click below, and get a head start on replenishing your coffee bar with some real quality brews!

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