Your Gourmet Coffee Testing Guide – There’s More To It Than Just The Taste

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Your Gourmet Coffee Testing Guide – There’s More To It Than Just The Taste


aroma of coffeeDo you know the real difference between gourmet coffee and your average cup of joe? It’s more than just a matter of taste. Here’s a hint: it’s the difference between an energized office and an unproductive workforce.

When you supply your employees with gourmet coffee, your business benefits from having the sort of happy, satisfied employees that go out of their way to make a difference. Why?

Gourmet coffee blends linger on your tongue, tempting your taste buds and coaxing your conscience out of hibernation.

Gourmet coffee empowers, inspires and stimulates the mind with rich roasts and amazing aromas. It’s true. Gourmet coffee works wonders, which is why it might surprise you to find that most businesses don’t offer their employees gourmet coffee. When people are deprived of gourmet coffee goodness, they are left to choose from satisfactory, or simply bad, coffee. Or, worse, they leave the office to satisfy their caffeine needs.

So how do you know how your office coffee rates? It is sometimes hard to detect bad coffee, because the taste inhabits your subconscious, shriveling your standards. Without a side-by-side taste test for comparison, you might be fooled into believing whay you have in our mug, is “good.” Our Java Geniuses do not want your employee’s to have “good” mornings; we want them to have empowering, inspiring and stimulating mornings. Here is a fool-proof formula to understanding the differences between high and low quality coffee.

1.   Read The Package

If you struggle to understand java jargon, simply ask for bean grade information from your office coffee supplier. The best quality coffee is generally grade AA, meaning the beans are the largest size available. Typically, the larger the coffee bean, the better the taste.

2.   Get The Whole Bean Facts

Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor within three hours of grinding. Before your next purchase, ask your office coffee supplier for whole beans instead of grounds. For the highest quality coffee, brew immediately after grinding.

3.   Ask The Aroma

High quality beans contain about three times more fragrant oils than lesser beans. Good coffee beans release fragrant oils when roasted and emit a compelling coffee smell. High quality coffee retains this invigorating aroma when freshly brewed.

4.   Taste The Coffee

Forget your manners for a minute. Believe it or not, slurping, as opposed to simply sipping, allows the coffee to spread more evenly over the tongue. High quality coffee contains high acidity, giving it pronounced flavors often described as nutty, spicy, fruity, floral, tangy or smoky, depending on the bean and roast. Lesser quality coffees have less desirable flavors, often described as watery, chemically, muddy, rubbery or “medicinal.”

5.   Feel The Coffee

Before swallowing the coffee, run your tongue over the roof of your mouth to gauge “mouth feel.” Similar to wine tasting, a “mouth feel” allows you to examine the body of the coffee. Gourmet coffee has a distinct mouth feel, whether it be full-bodied and thick or light and dry. The thicker the mouth feel, the heavier the body. Fuller bodied coffees retain their flavor longer.

Gourmet coffee doesn’t just taste better. It leaves your employees more satisfied and energized. As a result, they’re not only more motivated and productive, they’re also less likely to leave the office in search of a high quality coffee experience.

So do your employees (and your business) a favor and re-examine your office coffee. Your business may be missing one of the key ingredients to an energized, productive day: quality, gourmet coffee.

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