Coffee Bars And Their Variety Of Customer Blends

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Coffee Bars And Their Variety Of Customer Blends


diverse coffee drinkers webSo you think you know your audience; the people who frequent your store every morning? Do you notice what your guests put into their cup, what they prefer? What about the ones who leave because you don’t have what they prefer? Do you understand the coffee audience you’re serving, the ones you’re missing out on and the reasons why specific “types” come into your coffee bar?

There’s a lot that goes into the process of studying your customers. And most of the time, we’re too busy switching pots, filling pots, taking orders and punching numbers to recognize the kind of guest our store brings in. It’s not a means of putting your customers in a box; there are all different shades and hues of coffee drinkers. But through the years, we’ve seen enough outstanding factors to classify a certain “type” from another “type.

Whether you serve 3 different kinds of coffee, or 10 different kinds of coffee, you’ve likely encountered a few standout customers. Maybe it’s because they asked a question so absurd you couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe it’s because you’ve never seen their sugar blending process before. Whatever the reason, certain customers stick. And when it comes to coffee, the customers that stick can usually tell you something about the way you’re running shop. Are you missing something? Do your customers solidify your store image? Which are satisfied and which are dissatisfied, and .. should the dissatisfied ones really affect you? Take a look and see how certain java lovers love it certain ways. If you can fulfill them, great! If they inspire you to upgrade or change your products, great! If not, sometimes it really is best to look the other way and be grateful they aren’t your regular customers.

Thrillist has put together a comically accurate list of the most common “coffee snobs.” Here are a few you may recognize in your day to day business:

The Guy Who Only Drinks Coffee Because He Has a Crush on the Barista: Probably not the most dependable source for customer satisfaction surveys; does he even know what kind of coffee you serve?

Sugar In The Raw Snob: If you don’t serve this kind of sugar yet, it may be a good time to start!

The Late-Night Sipper: Have you ever considered staying open later? There are a lot of people that prefer their coffee at night, alone, in a public coffee bar.. Just make sure you have security for the barista working that shift.

The Almond/Rice Milk Guy: A new trend, or too much? He may be at the completely wrong coffee bar. Or, he may convince you to invest in more organic products.

The Guy Who Insists That Dunkin’ Donuts Is the Best Coffee Ever: Probably won’t have much fun at your coffee bar. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask him why he thinks Dunkin Donuts is the best. Or why he’s here and not there.

Categories of coffee drinkers exist for a reason; their fascinating and wildly diverse tastes inspire us to expand, and to possibly explore new business ventures. On the other end, they may be very helpful in grounding our limitations. If we’ve gotten too innovation-friendly, or drifted too far from the kind of business we want to project, a certain kind of customer can bring us back down to reality, helping us realize our boundaries. As people try to be healthier, or more experimental, and businesses try to cater to the many different lifestyles and preferences of today, there are bound to be changes, upgrades, downgrades. It’s the worldly blend of customers that give us insight into which way to go.

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