Office Coffee Service: Know What You’re Paying For

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Office Coffee Service: Know What You’re Paying For


office coffeeWith the cost of coffee on the rise again companies are weighing the benefits of an office coffee station. Some questions we often hear are:

Do my employees really need coffee? Answered Here

Isn’t it easier to just get the coffee myself? Answered Here

How many coffee machines do I need?  Answered Here

How much is this really going to cost me? Answered Here

These are all GREAT questions and we love it when our customers and referrals dig deep into the java experience. So once again, we are back to answer yet another GREAT question. Is having a coffee station in the office really worth the added benefit?

Our initial response was, YES! But we understand our readers’ need a bit more than an enthusiastic, caffeine infused declaration of approval. So we did our own little experiment. The Coffee Run.

We jumped in our car and took off in search to set up our coffee station. We assumed a 20-30 employee sized office with general tastes and preferences on coffee and tea. After a 15-minute drive, we found our local shopping center carries “most” the items we needed (still couldn’t find disposable coffee cups at a reasonble price or in bulk). After totaling up our cost and comparing it the cost of a coffee service, it was clear that trying to provide coffee to a mid to large sized office ourselves would be a hard task and actually cost us more year over year. Total cost for a machine that would suit our 20-30 employees every day for the next year was over $1,200.

From replacing and maintaining coffee machines, to the time it takes for one of your employees to shop every month or week for coffee supplies; the cost exponentially increases. If you hired an office coffee service company to take care of all our coffee needs, you could easily save a couple thousand dollars a year.

It is very tempting to see the cost of coffee at BJs or Wal-Mart and think; “I’m saving a lot of money here!” without seeing the hidden costs associated with getting the coffee from bean to bag to cup. If you like the idea of being able to order online, pick from seasonal favorites and knowing your machines are always clean and repaired when needed; then an office coffee service is for you.

If you have finally decided to provide the wonderful luxury of coffee to your entire staff because you’re an awesome boss, then kudos to you! Now it’s time to give the Java Geniuses a call or contact us to receive your free coffee lovers package and get started down a worry free coffee service experience.

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