How Millennial Employees Are Re-Defining Today’s Office Coffee Service

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How Millennial Employees Are Re-Defining Today’s Office Coffee Service

The Millennials – or Generation Y, or those born between the 1980’s and 2000’s – are certainly making a name for themselves. Slammed early on with titles of “lazy” and “naive,” these futuristic thinkers have more recently turned the world upside down with their innovative insights and unparalleled tech skills.

The gift of these youthful visionaries is a keen ability to dissolve the trivial, challenge the traditional and unearth value, quality and meaning in all circuits of the business world.

Many companies are finding these skills to be true assets. But the overactive brains of our forward-thinking future have stipulations. Millennials are slowly but surely demanding specific workplace perks that will assist them in their tireless creations. For example, work-from-home days, access to new technology … and quality coffee.

Believe it or not, office coffee service actually place very high on the list of millennials’ workplace demands. Studies have shown that, despite rising prices, and despite the harrowing hustle of morning commutes, young adults in the workforce will indeed stop and pay extra for their own personal coffee, rather than take their chances with a communal office pot.

If companies plan on retaining these sharp-minded millennials, they’ve got to splurge a bit on employee satisfaction. And right now, that satisfaction revolves around convenient, quality coffee. Here are some of the statistics:

[Fact:] The Coffee Drinking Age Has Decreased – A study by S&D Coffee & Tea showed that younger millennials start drinking coffee at age 15, while older millennials had picked up the habit around 17. Meanwhile, typical members of Gen X started drinking coffee at 19.

[Fact:] Consumption Frequency Has Increased – U.S. coffee consumption rose 5% in 2013, according to a National Coffee Association survey. Today, 83% of the adult population drinks coffee; 75% have coffee at least once a week.

[Fact:] Gourmet Coffee Rules Sales – Data from 2014 shows that 34% of Americans drink gourmet coffee daily, an increase of 3% over last year. Young people in particular are willing to pay higher prices for coffee. In a new PayPal poll, 18% of people age 18 to 34 said they are willing to pay more than $3 per cup, compared with just 8% of those age 50 to 64.

[Fact:] Coffee Prices Are Rising – All coffee is getting more expensive. A long-lasting drought in Brazil has pushed global coffee prices to near-record highs, and the market may be affected for years to come. Already this year, java junkies have faced price hikes from coffee brands such as Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Yet even as coffee prices sky rocket, quality brands, like Starbucks, continue to outpace lower-priced competitors like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s.

[Conclusion:] Quality And Convenience Dominate – Breakfast is eaten outside the home more often. Our high-wired, on-the-move culture has been blamed for declining sales in cereal and milk. Nobody has time for traditional “at-home” breakfast anymore. A Pop Tart or Sausage McMuffin seem to suffice – as long as we can move and eat at the same time.

So our millennials crave convenience. With the fast-paced lives they lead, it’s no wonder why. But their willingness to drop a couple extra bucks on superior brews shows they also crave quality; a trait that seems to define this generational attitude.

In the end, to cater to millennials in the workplace is to provide convenience and quality. Having gourmet coffee service in the office is one of the simplest ways to keep your Gen Y’s happy. Of course, they’ll still need a paycheck; but in their heart of hearts, millennials work from a deep-seeded passion to change the world. And it seems that a few, key office perks is all they’re really asking for in return.

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