DIY: A New Coffee Bar For The Office

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DIY: A New Coffee Bar For The Office


With the average American spending more than 47 hours a week at work, creating a personalized coffee bar is a great investment. Not only is free coffee for the office a nice perk for employee retention, it also boosts employee productivity.

Creating an office coffee bar doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Here’s what you need to get started:

Creating The Right Space

Whether you have a few feet of counter space or room for an antique armoire, it’s important to take your decor cues from the style of your office.

If you work in an ultra modern space, look for an oversized silver tray to hold your coffee maker and simple wire baskets for single-serve coffee and sweeteners. If your office is more traditional, keep it professional with white ceramic mugs and porcelain bowls to hold sweeteners and coffee, tea and hot chocolate pods.

If you have more space and want to make your coffee bar a focal point of your break room, look for a painted armoire or vintage console table. Make sure any surface is easy to wipe down. Use the armoire’s shelves to organize mugs, coffee enhancers and single-serve coffee pods.</>

Stocking Your Coffee Bar

Once you’re set your decor style and selected the furniture you’ll use for your coffee bar, select mugs to match the decor. Choosing mugs over paper cups is both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

If space is at a premium, look for stacking mugs to save space. If you have a creative, artsy office, look for handcrafted mugs at your local artist co-op or go young and modern with an eclectic mix of quirky mugs. Sites like Etsy are a good place to find a wide variety of options.

Promote healthy living by offering a variety of coffee enhancers. Alternative sweeteners like Stevia, maple syrup and coconut sugar make it easy for your employees to make a healthier choice in their morning (or afternoon) brew.

Finish It With Custom Coffee

Once your coffee bar is set up, it’s time for the most important part – the coffee! Stock your new coffee bar with custom blends that reflect your company’s personality. And don’t forget to include a variety of teas and hot chocolates for those non-coffee drinkers.

Keep it interesting for your team by introducing new flavors and blends. Rotate flavors to reflect the seasons and survey your team to see what types of flavors they want.

Adding a coffee bar to your office not only boosts employee retention, it also promotes employee happiness and productivity. Not a bad ROI for an afternoon’s worth of work!

Want to learn more about upping your company’s coffee game? Let our Java Geniuses help you create a coffee program tailored to your team.

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