9 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Sales At Convenience Stores

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9 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Sales At Convenience Stores


nro 2 coverFinding ways to increase convenience store coffee sales can be tough when you feel that you’ve exhausted the standard methods of bringing in business. Discounts, special promotions, and loyalty perks can only take your business so far. Here are some tips that shift the sales focus and responsibility to your actual brick and mortar store, that will not only entice new customers but also encourage repeat customers to come back often

  1. Coffee should always be fresh

As the American life blood, a good cup of coffee can make or break a person’s day. Always make sure your brew is fresh, and people will know that your business is a place they can rely on for that great cup of Joe.

  1. Equipment and counter should always be clean (inside and out)

This is beneficial to your staff as well as the customer. A clean work space will allow your staff to serve customers more efficiently, as well as maintaining an aesthetically pleasing area to the customer.

  1. Maintain quality and a variety of beverages

Giving your customers a variety of choices will encourage them to try more of your products, so make sure the assortment you offer is brewed to perfection.

  1. Provide adequate fixings

Having varied creams, milk, sugar, etc. available for coffee, and condiments for food items is crucial to your business. Keeping these consistently in stock will keep the customers coming in.

  1. Offer club card benefits and promotions

Although this is a primary staple of good business, people will only respond to your promotions and benefits if you offer a good, reliable product.

  1. Keep the outside of your store clean, and free of debris

Apart from liability, keeping the walkway and entrance to your store clean and uninhibited plays a huge roll in whether someone will consider coming in to give you business. If it looks dirty or unsafe, they assume your products are comparable to that.

  1. Keep up with landscaping

Maintaining a good outside appearance to your store (as aforementioned in #6) will show customers that you take the time to keep a tidy store, which also translates to your quality products.

  1. Windows should be clean and clutter free

Especially if you are going to be using your store windows for advertising, promotions and signage, make sure that the glass is always clean, and signs relevant to your current promotion/available products.

  1. Lighting in your store and outdoors should be bright and maintained

Nothing says sub-par like a dimly lit establishment. Customers want to see bright, clean stores because it correlates with safe, clean products. If a bulb goes out, change it for a new one right away.

These simple maintenance tips will undoubtedly add value to your store and let customers know that you have a clean, safe and quality establishment that they can count on for good service. In addition to these tips, always take into consideration feedback from customers. If a customer has a suggestion on how to better improve service, hear them out. Chances are, other customers feel the same way. Your number one job is to please the masses.

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