3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Coffee Delivery Service

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3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Coffee Delivery Service


happy employeeIt’s easy to overlook “kitchen issues” at the office. The mugs are piling up in the sink. There are stains all over the counter. Employees roll their eyes at the k-cup selection; “oh. Breakfast Blend. Again.” And the creamer? Half and half – on a good day. But it’s hard to overlook these “minor” issues when they snowball into their potential… Your kitchen starts to smell like rotting coffee grounds. Your employees grow irritated, day after day, at the lack of variety staring back at them. They begin to lose motivation, re-enforcing to each other, in hushed whispers of resentment, this idea that you don’t care about their well-being.

Your employees grow bitter, want things to change, possibly threaten to leave. It’s not that they hate the company, but they start questioning their worth – have we not earned a box of Autumn Harvest Spice by now? At least some Irish cream? Despite their suppressed anguish, they will hope, with the tiny spark they have left, that something will change. Today, they won’t have to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. Today, there will be a new, seasonal brew waiting by the machine. Today, there will be enough creamer left to make their perfect cup.

Many offices scrape by with the bare minimum when it comes to their coffee. Some don’t carry a sufficient amount of the necessary java additives. Some, not even a sufficient amount of java. Talk about anguish. When employees are unimpressed with the office coffee, things spiral. Attitudes plummet. Most serious coffee drinkers will settle for whatever is on hand – but settling doesn’t equate to satisfaction. Employees will drink what’s there, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hoping, and wishing, and thinking and praying for some better brews to come along soon.

You don’t want your office coffee deserted by dissatisfied employees. There’s a reason you serve coffee – you’re looking for that zip in the office. You won’t get it with a lackluster coffee station and a bitter workforce. Here are 4 ways to identify a stormy coffee station before it becomes a mushroom cloud of employee resentment.

1. You buy the office coffee.

You don’t like doing this. Your employees don’t like you doing this. This means you leave the office, spend your time, your money and come back with your stress levels elevated. Don’t bring this stress upon yourself – if you’re finding you make frequent trips to the supermarket for java replenishment, your coffee station is lacking! Literally. You do not have enough coffee, and you need a professional service to take the responsibilities off of your hands.

2. Your employees have two looks: empty & angry.

They look sullenly over the coffee station. They walk around the kitchen, ghastly and aimless, resembling (and probably feeling like) imprisoned zombies of the workforce. They should be excited upon entering the kitchen. They should be able to browse beverage options like a kid at a candy store. And when they exit, a look of complete satisfaction should be spread across their face – not a furrowed brow.

3. The atmosphere is bland.

Coffee delivery service definitely zips a workplace into shape – but not unless it’s good coffee. And not unless your employees enjoy the experience of drinking it. When your setup lacks in sugars and creamers, or quality coffee, the experience of drinking java goes from warm and special to desperate and ordinary. It’s a completely different vibe, and you’re going to feel it in the office.

It’s a sad truth, but many office coffee stations go completely neglected. And before anyone fixes the downtrodden java bases, employees start assembling an attitude of isolation, and separation. The kitchen is supposed to be a place for them to start their day off right; and instead it’s just a room, with generic coffee, scattered sugar packets, and tumbleweed blowing across the floor.

If you’ve spotted any of the above three signs within your office, now is the time to call for help. Left untreated, a drab coffee station will spread throughout the workplace and infect all employees. Call our Java Geniuses now for a healthy dose of rejuvenation, and watch a new & improved coffee bar purify your workplace.

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