Prepare For Global Warming Or Your Coffee Gets It

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Prepare For Global Warming Or Your Coffee Gets It


Can We Save Our Coffee?

We should all be familiar with the devastating drought that’s hounding Brazil’s and Central America’s coffee crops right now.. but what would happen if every coffee field on earth started drying up, until there was no.. more.. coffee. Ever. Well, that may be what is happening. *Gasp!*

Global warming has been the talk of the town for a long time, but that doesn’t make it any less serious. We know how global warming would effect the world on a large scale – increase in viral diseases, storms, species’ extinction, water contamination – but what about on a smaller scale, in terms of our morning mochas?

Droughts In Brazil

The droughts in Brazil have directly impacted coffee prices all over the world, and things are not getting any better. In fact, what most financial experts are saying, in conjunction with nearly all scientists, is that things will be getting much worse. As long as temperatures continue to rise, and crops struggle to survive, coffee prices will continue to rise. So, what does this mean for us?

Global Initiatives

We already have plenty of global initiatives in place, but what about our own personal adjustment? Have you ever thought about how you would function without coffee? If you had to give it up in a certain amount of time, how would you spent your last moments with it? What is your price limit as it gets more expensive? How do you feel about the destruction of coffee crops?

Future Of Coffee

We know these are unpleasant thoughts. But this is the future of coffee, and we wouldn’t be your Java Geniuses if we didn’t fill you in on it. As global warming becomes a greater threat, we’re forced to analyze our coffee in greater detail. If you had to cut back, or pick only one blend, how would you do it and what would you choose? As prices increase all over the market, consumers are becoming more selective, as they should. It’s time to put more thought into our every day coffee, because soon enough, it won’t be there every day. And soon after that, it’ll be gone for good.

Maybe it’s time to stock up on your favorites, while prices are still reasonably low. Maybe it’s time to find a new favorite. Maybe it’s time to draw your lines, set your standards, lower your standards or say the heck with it and go all out for the best coffee you can find! Look at it as planning for the future. The longer these crops are under strain from global warming, the fewer options you’ll have when it comes to coffee. Along with practices like energy efficiency and recycling, streamlining your preferences and figuring out what really matters is part of adapting to this changing environment. How much does coffee matter to you, and how do you want to experience it from here on out?

Lucky for you, our Java Geniuses are here to help you answer all those questions. Bringing it down to an exact science, our Cafe Lab can walk you through all your favorite blends, (and potential blends) defining what you like, want and need. If you’re ready to experience coffee like never before, give us a call at 866-4-JAVA-2U, or click below – and let us help you prepare for the future!

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