Tis The Season For Iced Coffee


Spring is here (offically)! As her first rays of sunshine pierce the frozen ground below, Spring is sending us all into a tizzy of new outfits, new attitudes – and new coffee. Iced coffee.

If your store or office doesn’t offer iced coffee, now is the time to bring it on board. Despite it’s skyrocketing popularity through the warmer seasons, iced coffee is considered a breakfast staple all year long. According to a Dunkin’ Donuts survey, 56% of people believe it’s never too cold to enjoy iced coffee.

So why all the hype? What is it about iced coffee? Is it because the beverage evokes an image of warm weather? Does coffee actually taste better on ice? Do people use it as a cold compress? This alternative morning java is becoming just as popular as traditional morning java. Hardcore hot coffee drinkers vehemently wonder: Why would anyone drink coffee cold? It’s not supposed to be that way.

Iced coffee is certainly proving a force to be reckoned with. So, is there an exact science behind our fascination and love for iced coffee? Or is it just that good? Our Java Geniuses dug deep on this one. And we found some pretty simplistic answers.

Why People Like Iced Coffee

They just do: This answer seems to invade forums all over the internet. No one can explain exactly why, but most people have the same response: “I love iced coffee!” Iced coffee seems to evoke images of spring break road trips, summer mornings on the beach, afternoons of ultimate frisbee; it just adds cheer to the atmosphere and makes the drinkers happy. Kind of like eggnog at Christmas.

It tastes like dessert: Most iced coffee is mixed with creamer, some sugar, flavored syrup, and whipped cream. Perhaps a cherry. Now tell us that doesn’t sound appetizing for a morning, afternoon or evening pick-me-up. It is the closest you get to an ice cream sundae in liquid form.

It’s a great thirst-quencher: It’s 6 am, it’s a humid summer morning, and you’re driving to work. Iced coffee cools you down and wakes you up.

You can drink it right away (it’s not scolding hot): Despite it’s deliciousness, hot coffee carries a rather dangerous vibe. It could burn your lips. It could burn your legs. It could burn, period. Sometimes hot coffee, especially when we’re rushing around in the morning, is like making a deal with the devil; you’ve got to handle it correctly, drink it properly, or you will experience horrible pain.

It’s different: People love different. Anything that puts a new spin on an old classic definitely piques our interest. Sometimes it catches, sometimes it doesn’t. Iced coffee has definitely caught on.

So there you have it. The shockingly simple facts behind iced coffee’s hype. People love the cold morning, afternoon or evening beverage. It’s a pleasant and deliciously sweet experience, and it’s an integral part of any beverage bar. With the spring season setting in, and summer coming right behind, even hot coffee drinkers are going to convert – sizzling liquid doesn’t go with sizzling temps. Keep your customers moving in the direction of warmer weather and lighter spirits. The sun is out, the flip flops will be out soon enough, and iced coffee is about to become a refreshing, thirst-quenching, smile-inducing pick me up for the season.

Are you ready to spring into action and feature iced coffee in your beverage program? If you’re unsure where to start, our Java Geniuses are happy to help. Call 866-452-8228 or click below, and start prepping your store or office for the upcoming seasons.

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