The World’s Purest Bodies Of Water


Fiji recently launched a commercial showcasing the pureness of their water, which got us thinking; where exactly does that water come from, and what makes it so pure? Turns out the successful water bottle company gets their aqua from a natural source on the island of Viti Levu, in the remote hideaway, Yaqara Valley. Similarly, Poland Spring gets their water from a natural spring in Maine, a state renowned for their freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. So what do these h20 coves have in common? They are untouched by other bodies of water, namely the ocean, and other people. These waters are undiluted, free from foot traffic, skinny dipping tourists, and hot-to-trot sea creatures.

The status “hideaway” or “remote” almost guarantee’s a purity that all us thirsty land-dwellers crave. So where else in the world is the water clean, inviting and practically untouched? Let’s jump into some of earth’s purest hidden treasures.

1. Lake Baikal, Siberia

This lake plunges down to about 2,000 feet, making it the deepest lake in the world, as well as one of the freshest. The reason Lake Baikal is so fresh is due to it’s volume. It holds around 20% of the world’s fresh water. Also called “The Blue Eye Of Siberia” and “The Sacred Sea,” Lake Baikal is considered one of Russia’s natural wonders, inspiring the likes of playwright Anton Chekhov and director James Cameron, who actually dove to the bottom of the lake, emerging with new set ideas for “Avatar 2.” What’s even more fascinating about this lake, is that it’s not done forming yet. It sits between 2 plates of the Earth’s crust – as they pull apart, Lake Baikal deepens. As said by Anton Chekhov “I myself have seen to such a depth, with rocks and mountains plunged in the turquoise-blue, that it sent a shiver all over me . . . I shall never forget it as long as I live.”

2. Lake Vostok, Antarctica

This lake lay under a 2 mile long sheet of ice until it’s discovery in the late 1900’s. Lake Vostok sits 200 meters below sea level, and is only one of nearly 400 subglacial lakes in Antarctica. The lake is said to have been sealed under a massive ice sheet for 15 million years, but still maintains a temperature of 27 °F. The reason the water hasn’t froze all these years is due to the pressure from the ice above, acting as an insulator from the harsh temperatures outside.

3. Blue Lake, New Zealand

Holding the title of “Clearest Lake in the World,” New Zealand’s Blue Lake is said to resemble optically pure water. Scientists believe it comes close to actually being optically pure water, it’s bottom maintaining visibility across the span of 80 meters. It’s no wonder these pristine waters are off limits to onlookers. Local tribes consider this water sacred; and it might as well be. Blue Lake is spring fed from Lake Constance, one lake over, but the water passes through a natural dam, which eliminates nearly all possible contaminants, and is responsible for the piercing blue that gives this lake it’s name.

4. Crater Lake, Oregon

The deepest lake in the United States, Crater Lake reaches down to 1,200 feet. After a volcanic eruption nearly 10,000 years ago, a crater was formed and soon filled with rain and snow accumulation, eventually forming Crater Lake. What’s interesting about this lake is that there are no inlets or outlets. Because of it’s crater-like formation, there are no opening for contamination from other rivers or streams. Natives once saw this landmark as highly spiritual, and frequently traveled there for vision quests.

It is rare to find a body of water today that is free of contaminants and other environmental poisons. Most are swimming with fatal chemicals and toxic waste. The hidden treasures above are treasures for a reason. It’s a literal wonder that nature hasn’t ravaged these pools of purity through the years; we can only hope it stays that way.

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