What’s The Difference Between A Coffee Station & A Coffee Bar?

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What’s The Difference Between A Coffee Station & A Coffee Bar?


office coffee service barIn the past, the coffee station at a typical office consisted of regular coffee, decaf coffee, tea and maybe hot chocolate if you were lucky. There were no Interactive Cup™ Brewers 5 years ago so whatever the office manager ordered, the employees were stuck with. However, thankfully, times have changed and now employees can preapre their favorite caffiene beverage with an array of choices and choices and flavors without ever leaving the office.

With the cost of an average cup of coffee soaring at over $1.85  (just for a tall coffee at your local corporate coffee shack), having a coffee setup at the office provides another type of employee benefit much like a company cellphone. However, an old school, single coffee pot, single falvor, stale coffee staion isn’t exactly going to convience employees to stick around for a coffee break in the office. If you do the math, at $1.85 a day for an average of 20 work days a month it comes out to $37.00 a month spent on coffee which is assuming you only get a tall plain coffee once a day. Offering an alternative to the outdated coffee station can be a huge costs savings to both the employee and the employer.

As the love for coffee has evolved so has the variety of choices to add to make your cup of joe just the way you like it. The traditional coffee station at the office has transitioned in many work places to a coffee bar with endless possibilities to make your coffee or hot beverage. Now a coffee bar may not sway a new hire in choosing your company over another, but it certainly sends a message that your company cares about its employees and their happiness.

Today many companies in an effort to keep their employees happy and energized provide a wide variety of coffees and teas in different strengths and flavors. Through the use of single cup brewers rather than traditional brewers that make an entire pot of coffee at once, companies are able to offer its employees a custom coffee experience. Maybe employees don’t like regular coffee or perhaps only a handful even drink coffee and you end up pouring out pot after pot of burnt, stale coffee. The advantage of K-cups or coffee pods is they remain shelf stable almost indefinitely, allowing for greater coffee options, personal preferences and cost savings.

Another perk of expanding your coffee station into a coffee bar is the ability to keep employees at work instead of leaving to take coffee breaks. This may seem like a selfish motive on the employer’s part, but in reality the employer is not saying “don’t take a break”, instead they are saying “let me buy you a cup of coffee while you enjoy your break”. Why leave the office and stand in line at the café when your company offers the benefit of having a coffee bar at the office.  Along with the variety of coffee available there are now brewers that make espresso, cappuccino and lattes. There are also a variety of flavored syrups and sweeteners to make the custom beverage that is right for you and your employees.

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