Is Your Coffee Station Missing Something Essential? An Ode To Tea

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Is Your Coffee Station Missing Something Essential? An Ode To Tea


Most coffee stations offer, well – coffee. And while caffeine certainly does a number on an office full of people, many of them are also going to crave the warm simplicity of tea. Coffee may dominate as the morning drink of choice, but tea is quickly catching up in popularity. As more people take a greater interest in their health, even avid, life-long coffee aficionados are coming around to the softer, “second best” hot beverage.

In this day and age, it is guaranteed that your office, or store, is going to have an equal number of coffee and tea drinkers. If your beverage station doesn’t offer tea, it will only benefit half your office. Tea is becoming just as mainstream as coffee. It can be a morning pick me up, an afternoon delight or an evening pacifier. It is rich in healing properties, and it’s benefits on the mind, body and soul are awe-inspiring. Plus, it feels nice on your throat after screaming at your computer.

If you underestimate a need for tea, let’s brush up on some of it’s key benefits, and understand the reasons why so many people need, and sometimes prefer, the softly caffeinated drink.

Tea gives a calmer mental kick

So tea may not be as strong in it’s kick, and we may not feel the need to finish our 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle after we’ve had our first cup – but tea offers a different kind of metal kick. It’s more of a mental glide.

Coffee plants caffeine in our system which, in turn, increases neuronal activity. This is the process that gives us those Iron man capabilities – at least for a couple hours. Coffee stimulates mental activity and, in turn, physical activity. It suppresses adenosine, increases dopamine, promotes serotonin and cortisol, and essentially sends our nervous system into overdrive. It’s why we think faster, talk faster and walk faster.

Tea has a much more subdued affect on the mind and body. You’re going to feel more like Tony Stark than Iron Man. Mostly because, on average, tea contains about 50% less caffeine than coffee. So there’s not as much quickening of the heart rate, or increasing of blood pressure. Instead of acting as a rocket launching through our brains, tea acts as a gravitational pull. Still potent, still of caffeine-origin; but much less powerful in it’s impact.

Tea gives a longer mental kick

So tea contains less caffeine than coffee. But there’s another reason it’s process within our bodies seems so.. gradually developed, as opposed to forcefully launched. Tea contains antioxidants, one of the primary draws to the slow-acting herbal beverages. Antioxidants are nutrients that help our bodies fight damage and decay. They are helpful to our insides and outsides, eliminating harmful free radicals that invade and can potentially wither our cells.

Most herbal teas – especially green tea – contain abundant antioxidants. What this means, for your nervous system and caffeine, is a much slower integration. Your mental “kick” won’t arrive as quickly as it would with coffee, but it also won’t drop off as quickly or abruptly. Tea does a little dance up your nervous system, frolics around for a bit, and then gracefully makes it’s way out. That’s why your “kick” with tea lasts longer – it doesn’t kick all at once.

Tea heals us

Think of tea as a witch of sorts; brewing together various herbs for various ailments. And yes, a bad mood in a stuffy workplace is an ailment.

Herbs have amazing affects on bodily conditions, but they also spread their magic to our brains. Stemming (pun intended) from the earliest days of mankind, herbs were our primary source of medicine. The root of a Tongkat. The petals of Lotus. The healing properties of herbs maintain their substance today; herbal teas are ingested to calm nerves, clear out bodily toxins, strengthen bones, fight depression, ward off evil co-workers. Herbal teas can be so multi-purposed, specific to the drinker and his current ailment; but it’s long-standing versatility and physical, mental and emotional comfort is undeniable.

Sometimes, it seems like tea is the Jan of “The Brady Bunch.” It may not make as “loud” of a statement, and it may not even be noticed from time to time, (coffee coffee coffee!) but it’s still a staple among hot beverages. Most of the world drinks it, half the world prefers it, and we can all agree on it’s ample health benefits. If your office beverage station doesn’t offer tea, then you’re neglecting half your office and their preferences.

Start making your entire office happy – not just the coffee drinkers! If you’re ready to give tea a much-deserved spot on your beverage station, call the Java Geniuses at 866-452-8228 or click below.

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