How Water Cooler Filtration Saves Lives

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How Water Cooler Filtration Saves Lives


Without water cooler filtration

You are exposed to life threatening toxins

In the movie “Contagion,” a deadly virus starts to kill off the human race. The virus is ultimately traced back to a restaurant, where the head chef greets a guest without washing his hands. Just before, those hands had been handling a dead pig. That pig was carrying the virus.

The virus in Contagion was fictional, but that truth behind it is very real. Harmful pathogens cross our path everyday, and the more contact they have with .. anything, the faster they spread. The movie portrays the virus originating from an animal, but food is not the only place bacteria can spread from.

We also consume water, and water has it’s own set of life threatening toxins to be aware of. Water comes into contact with all different types of things, in the external environment and within our homes. Pipes gather mildew and other fungal build-up. Water systems are sometimes too close to a septic tank for comfort. And do we really know what kind of critters are swimming around in that Poland Spring?

Water has the potential to carry and spread harmful pathogens just like anything else in this world. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that all water is contaminated until filtered. Proper flirtation is essential to drinking clean water and keeping our bodies safe. Here are some of the most common bacteria found in water. Becoming familiar with them can help us to take better precaution against them.


  • A parasite found in smaller bodies of water, like rivers, lakes or ponds. Typically, these microscopic parasites cause diarrhea. Cryptosporidium is the leading cause of waterborne disease among humans in the United States. Most cases stem from municipal or recreational water systems.

Giardia lamblia

  • This parasite is usually associated with private drinking wells. It is considered a common cause of waterborne diseases in the US. Giardia causes intestinal infection when contracted. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that Point of Use (POU) water filters are actually most effective in prevent this type of bacteria.


  • A bacteria that causes pneumonia, and is usually found in warm water. It is most prominent in hot tubs, but can also live in plumbing systems. Legionella can sometimes be fatal, and smokers, or those with chronic lung disease, are especially susceptible to it.

These are only a few of the possible parasites that can infiltrate our drinking water. Not so thirsty anymore, are we? The food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe is, unfortunately, not always purified. The world is inevitably contaminated. It’s up to us to establish and stick to our own safety rules and try our best to eliminate harmful contaminants.

On our own, we can utilize water filters, boil our water, do some research on bottle brands and EPA guidelines. However, if we’re responsible for a larger group of people, like employees or customers, we have to think in terms of larger coverage. The more water you use, the greater the risk of infection.

The best way to protect your team or staff from harmful viruses is by installing a POU water cooler. Most of these coolers are equipped with cutting edge filtration units, and help keep your workplace water consistently cleansed. The advanced technology in today’s water coolers ensures that every area of potential contamination is covered, and only purified water is passing through it’s nozzles. Water coolers use multiple different methods of pathogen prevention, including ultra-violet sanitation and reverse osmosis (RO) filtration. RO systems remove up to 99% of water contamination, and remains the most popular choice for purification.

There are too many things in life to worry about; drinking water should not be one of them. If there are ways to eliminate at least some of those worries, ensure a healthy immune system, and prevent a string of bacteria from spreading across our office, or store, or humanity, then we would be silly not to take advantage of them.

If you’re ready to protect yourself, and your staff, from waterborne disease, and install a high-performing water cooler today, then contact one of our Quality Express Aqua representatives by clicking below – and get ready to purify your workplace with superior filtration that ensures safety!

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