How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 2

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How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 2


In our last post, we discussed the tremendous, transformational impacts coffee has on your employees – and how a premium coffee service amplifies those impacts.

So far, we know that office coffee services stir workplace communication. A good, gourmet cup of java springs employees to life, awakening enthusiasm and initiating interaction. We also know that employees feel more valued with an office coffee service – 86% of employees believe companies that offer enhanced hot beverage services value their staff.

These benefits are golden to any company – but our countdown is just beginning. We’ve got more mind-riveting revelations about coffee service in the workplace. Here are reasons 3 – 4 why office energy prospers alongside an outstanding coffee station.

3. Create A Sense Of Community

It’s a workplace reality – sometimes employees just feel confined. With so much work to do, and time seeming to slowly tick by, employees can feel bound, ball and chain, to their desks.

A flourished coffee station station relieves the agonizing tick tock of the clock by offering a break; a chance to shift mindsets for a minute and join the hustle and bustle over at the beverage bar. Even if it’s only a five minute walk to refuel their joe, this “break” offers employees some leisure time to engage in non-work related conversation. The bonding experiences that result help pave the way to closer workplace camaraderie.

4. Reduce Stress

There is a difference between inhaling whatever is in office pot, and truly enjoying the liquid pleasure inside your cup. Coffee should ease the mind. It should refresh; not re-stress. If it is truly exceptional, by way of customized blends and gourmet options, having a cup of coffee offers employees a moment’s repose and a chance to hit the restart button. In fact, it’s been proven that the pure aroma of premium coffee products produce stress-relieving results.

A quality, top-notch coffee service caters to your workplace in ways you probably never thought possible. It’s more than a drinking station – it’s a place for solace, laughter, bonding and stress-relief. An exceptional office coffee service exudes a higher power in bringing your workplace peace, satisfaction, energy and productivity.

Our next post will cover three more ways gourmet coffee services revive your office and jumpstart a pulsating positivity. If you simply cannot contain your excitement, download 7 Reasons Enhanced Coffee Services Improve Employee Morale right now at no cost, and brush up on all the deliciously enhancing benefits of an office coffee service.

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