How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 1

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How Office Coffee Services Enhance Office Morale: Part 1


In most offices, the coffee station is the first stop for incoming employees. Before they begin socializing, and long before they begin working, employees auto-pilot their way over to the kitchen, where the sweet scents of java warm their insides. As more people filter in, and grab their morning mochas, the office transforms. What was once a still, dreary room of silence is now alive with a booming buzz of celestial energy.

You’ve probably seen this transformation happen before. Coffee gives great surges of energy to a workplace, and the atmosphere suddenly feels alive. A bit magical, even. But to reap the great rewards of renewed workplace spirit, you may need to add a little more “oomph” to your office coffee station.

An average office coffee service will yield average results. If you’re looking for the kind of mocha manpower that gets your workplace whirling, your employees beaming and your productivity soaring, a high-quality office coffee service is your key.

An office coffee service works wonders for company energy. Premium roasted blends of exquisite java awaken, stimulate and motivate employees. The convenience of hot beverages on hand alleviates workplace stress and keeps productivity solid. If you haven’t yet considered the many benefits of upgrading your office coffee station, let’s take a sip of that rejuvenating java and wake up to the realities of having quality coffee services in the workplace.

1. Office Coffee Services Stir Communication

The workplace is a prime location for communication, the exchanging of ideas essential to company growth and employee bonding. However, when you try mingling before that first sip, thoughts are usually unfocused and words can be a little…fuzzy.

The exotic, gourmet blends offered by a coffee service turn the brain on, excite the mind, encourage lively conversation, and essentially enhance your employees’ ability to socialize with co-workers, clients and customers. Improved communication results in a better work environment for every member of your office workforce.

2. Office Coffee Services Ensure Employee’s Feel Valued

A good salary and benefits package are important to your employees, but compensation

  •  packages aren’t the only way to demonstrate to your employees how much you value their
  • 86% of employees believe companies that offer enhanced hot beverage services value their employees.
  • 83% of employees believe offering free first-rate hot beverages is the most visible way of expressing employee benefits.

Providing your team with top-notch coffee and tea shows them you honor their hard work – it’s one more way of saying, “Thank you, for everything you do.”

For your workplace to really feel alive, you’ve got to maximize it’s energy resources. Coffee acts as oxygen for your office. If it’s not pure and rich and pumping through the workplace at all times, energies deflate. Productivity plummets. A coffee service revives. Employees will not only feel a boost from the fine blends of a first-rate coffee service; they’ll feel a sense of comfort, value and satisfaction from their workplace.

In our next post, we’ll cover more of the links between high workplace spirit and quality office coffee services. If you’d rather have your fix early, download the full guide right now! Click below for the complimentary download, 7 Reasons Enhanced Coffee And Tea Services Improve Employee Morale, and jolt your workplace back to life!

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