How Brazil’s Drought Is Affecting Your Employee Satisfaction


If you’re running a company, you’re probably focused on employee retention. One of the key components of employee retention is employee satisfaction. And one of the key components of employee satisfaction is coffee.

That’s right – office coffee service is a staple in the workplace, according to most employees.

83% of employees believe offering free first-rate hot beverages is the most visible way of expressing employee benefits.

Unfortunately, many offices lack the gourmet flavors and personalized fixings that employees seek. So they end up seeking elsewhere. Without decent office coffee, your employees are forced to stop at Star Bucks, or Dunkin Donuts, and pay the price for their own morning satisfaction. This may seem like a minor setback, but these out of pocket expenses accumulate. And with a harrowing drought plaguing Brazil, threatening deforestation of the entire Amazon; these expenses are accumulating faster.

The Drought is Real & Bad -It is said to be the worst the country has faced in 80 years. A lack of rainfall has severely affected the reservoirs on which Southeastern Brazil depends, and cities are struggling to keep their crops alive, let alone survive on what limited resources they have.

The Affects Are Widespread – Brazil is the world’s largest coffee distributor. So the US has started to experience some of the backlash involved in Brazil’s collapsing crops. K-Cup coffee prices have risen nine percent. Starbucks has claimed a price increase of 5 – 20 cents on average. Folgers and Dunkin Donuts are also upping their prices by nine percent.

Coffee Rates Are Changing – So how does these escalating coffee rates affect your employee retention rates? Well, no one is satisfied having to pay $3 – $5 for their morning joe – much less your employees. They begin their days in a scramble to beat traffic, all the while thinking of upcoming deadlines, meetings, their son’s soccer game, their broken furnace – the last thing they want to do is stop and dole out their hard-earned cash on a beverage that should already be supplied in their workplace.

As the statistic above states, employees view office coffee service as a fundamental part of their workplace package. Coffee is a workplace need for them. And considering the 8 hours they spend dedicated to their company’s cause, it’s not too extravagant a need. If employees constantly feel they have to provide for themselves, it perpetuates an attitude of isolation from the company, turning “workplace spirit” into an empty promise from employers. Without an office coffee service to quench their morning, afternoon and evening caffeine needs, your employees can grow very resentful, very fast.

An office coffee service is one of the simplest ways a company can take the reigns and show some serious dedication to employees’ comfort and well-being. There is no expected end date for the devastating South American drought. Coffee prices will most likely continue to rise without the sufficient rainfall Brazil needs. Companies in the US can either let their employeeflounder under these skyrocketing prices, or they can step in and provide relief, thus enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

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