Got Water? Perhaps Not Enough.

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Got Water? Perhaps Not Enough.


We are made up of 90% water when we are born, but our bodies slowly dehydrate through the years. If we’re not replenishing by drinking a sufficient amount of water, our bodies will dehydrate that much faster. You can be 35 and look 50 if you’re not drinking enough water.

Many people skimp on their water intake. Many people also negate their water intake by ingesting just as much salt or starch, or working out too hard and not rehydrating enough. The recommended daily water intake is 8 glasses a day, but you may need more depending on other factors, like exercise, weather conditions, and diet. You’ll know you’re not consuming enough h20 if..

-Your urine is dark yellow

-You urinate fewer than 4 times a day (the average is 10)

-You’re tired more often than not

-Your brain seems slower and your memory worse

-Your breath smells

Water Foods 

To counteract these symptoms, drink more water. If you get sick of sucking down drink after drink, there are plenty of other sources of h20. You know that squash you used to throw on the floor when you were younger? Well, your dog was getting a pretty good dose of nutrients. Most fruits and vegetables contain loads of water; some are nearly all water. Watermelon and cucumbers contain the highest amounts of water, while pretzels and peanuts contain the least amounts of water.

You want to eat foods that are rich in water, because, not only do they provide a good source of vitamins, you’re upping your water intake too. Too much dry food and you’re going to feel dry inside. Remember what they say- you are what you eat. If you eat tons of fruits and veggies, you’re going to feel a significant difference internally, like everything is functioning at the right rhythm.

Water Sources

Now, drinking lots of water is one thing. Drinking purified water is another thing. The next time you find yourself gulping out of the faucet, just remember this fun little fact: Fish can change from male to female due to the plethora of pharmaceutical drugs swimming around the ocean. People throw everything into the ocean, including cars. It could be argued that the ocean is pure pollution.

Needless to say, it’s important that you drink either distilled or filtered water only. Other than the largest and most obvious body of water, the ocean, our water can also come from smaller sources, like creeks, rivers and ponds. This water is referred to as spring water. These “springs” gather water from rainfall, and, after a while, some of that water sinks to the ground. This water travels through multiple layers of earth, and, believe it or not, gets filtered. This organic filtration is what makes spring water so pure and delicious – the water passes through dirt and rock and returns back to the surface purified. Spring water remains so pure because it is constantly being filtered from underground, to underground, from underground. So the water that makes it’s way to the surface is always guaranteed to be freshly filtered through the earth.

Water is so important to our health, and purified water is even more important to our health. Imagine drinking your 8 glasses with a side bleach. Because that’s essentially what’s happening when your water is un-purified. With climate change on the rise, and water shortage becoming a more serious threat, there has been word of the government utilizing sewage water in the not-so-distant future. This further supports the need for filtered water. It might as well be a necessity these days.

It’s important for people to take care of themselves and their bodies. Water is one of the best things you can do for your body. It will thank you with more energy and fluidity. Notice the signs of dehydration in yourself, and replenish your body. It’s probably thirsty. Watch where you get your water from, and remember fruits and vegetables are a major source of hydration, too. Load up on your h20. You can never get enough.

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