7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Single-Serve Coffee

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Single-Serve Coffee

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Whether you have an office of three people or 30, a single-serve coffee brewer can transform your office coffee experience. Keep everyone happy with a wide variety of coffee, tea and hot chocolate options. Investing in a single-serve brewer improves employee satisfaction and boosts collaboration.

Learn more about the other benefits single-serve coffee brewers provide:

Something For Every Taste

Providing hot beverages that everyone will enjoy isn’t easy. One person likes dark roast while another person will drink anything but that. Tea drinkers don’t want coffee and then there are the chai and hot chocolate drinkers.

Keep your whole team happy by providing single-serve machines that brew an almost limitless supply of options. The brewers don’t transfer the “coffee taste” to other beverages, so no one gets tea with a hint of coffee.

Easy To Clean

Just dispose of the coffee, tea or hot chocolate pod and the cleanup is done. There’s no burnt residue (and the accompanying smell) in the bottom of the coffee pot to worry about. An occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep your brewer functioning at peak capacity. To clean, just fill the water reservoir with half white vinegar and half water, according to an article on cleanmama.net.

Run cycles without a K cup until there’s no water and vinegar mixture in the reservoir. Fill the tank with fresh water and run cycles until there’s no more vinegar smell.

Faster Brewing

There’s nothing worse than needing a cup of coffee and having to wait for what feels like forever for an entire pot to finish brewing. If you can’t wait and steal a cup while it’s still brewing, there’s always coffee that drips out and burns on the warmer.

Skip the mess with single-serve coffee. It brews in minutes and you’re never stuck waiting for that much-needed caffeine!

Continuous Water Service

Install a filtered water line and you’ll never have to worry about adding water. Single-serve machines are always ready to go. Save time and money with a continuous water line – no need to buy filtered water for the office. And filtered water helps enhance the taste of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Modern And Stylish

Upgrade your office kitchen with a single-serve coffee brewer. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can easily coordinate it with the other kitchen decor. Match your other appliances with stainless steel or keep it understated with a matte black finish.

Stop Wasting Coffee

How many cups of coffee have been thrown out because they’re burned or just old? Save money and keep your employees in the office by switching to a single-serve coffee brewer. There’s no wasted money because each person brews a fresh, flavorful cup whenever they want it.

Promote Collaboration

Give your employees a reason to meet up and share ideas. In-office coffee makers are a natural way to bring people together as they share a hot drink. Don’t lose out on potential networking by making your employees head out to the nearest coffee shop when they need a morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up.

Boost employee satisfaction and productivity with an in-office single-serve coffee brewer. Upgrading is easy and the options for coffee, tea and hot chocolate are almost endless.

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