4 Ways A Coffee Delivery Service Could Impress Clients

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4 Ways A Coffee Delivery Service Could Impress Clients


Every company seeks to make a good impression on potential clients. There’s usually a warning for employees to be on their best behavior, a tidying up of the conference room, a straightening of ties, clearing of throats. But what about pleasant, unexpected surprises, like fresh coffee and juice? Or a variety of snacks for your clients to munch on? These things make a huge impact on people whether it seems “huge” or not.

It’s their first time in a new place with brand new people; your clients’ eyes will be darting all over, taking everything in, making judgments. And you need to be clear on what kind of image you’re trying to project. Believe it or not, the small details matter more in initial meetings, than the larger picture. Client’s won’t yet be relaxed enough, or trust you enough, to open their minds and really focus. They will most likely be evaluating you, your manner and your company. Some things they won’t even consciously notice, but will make a mark on their subconscious. For example, if they want coffee and you don’t have any. That feeling of disappointment will linger, whether they know it or not. Or they will be craving coffee through the entire meeting and possibly miss something important.

Clients are going to have certain expectations of you. They want to see hard-workers, thoughtful people, strength, loyalty, responsibility. They aren’t putting that much stock into what you say, but they will be keenly aware of what you and your company are exuding. And a stocked beverage, coffee and snack bar says a lot more than you think. Here are four ways your coffee service can make a good impression on clients.

It Shows Responsibility

Ordering, implementing and managing a coffee service is yet another responsibility tacked on to the manager. Sure, it’s not the most complicated of tasks but it is essentially handling another business,another account; it’s making company decisions, keeping an eye on inventory. It’s time and focus, and it takes someone who is aware, who cares and who makes time no matter what. That’s a responsible manager; handling tasks that are out of his or her job description, no matter what they are.

It Shows Devotion

Good employers take care of their team. If there was a barren kitchen, or shoddy desks, it could speak volumes in a negative way. If your employees look frail and deflated, again, it speaks volumes. When you have a stocked bar of food and drink and general replenishment, it shows you want your employees happy and healthy.

It Shows Consideration

Anything your office has available to guests, any kind of offering, makes a good impression. It shows you want to make a good impression. Considerate people are considerate because they know it matters how others feel. They take into account the comfort of other people, and try their best to temper it to positive degrees. Bringing in a coffee delivery service is like putting a couch in your waiting room for added comfort. It shows you care about how guests feel in your office.

It Shows Flavor

Not literally, though you could argue that. We mean company flavor. A piece of who you are and what you represent. Is your coffee bar packed with a variety of flavors, or is it a classic, regular and decaf set-up? Neither one is wrong, but both send a message. A coffee bar enhances your company’s “look,” and, if you’ve got a bar packed with blends, juices, snacks, an espresso machine; your look is pretty exciting.

Impressing your clients can sometimes be nerve-wrecking, but it’s usually the little things, the things you don’t even think of, that really stand out. Things like taking care of your employees, whether you have food and drink to offer, how you handle your schedule and office duties. Clients take all of these things in. Having a coffee bar not only makes your office look good (and taste good); it makes you look like a responsible, devoted, considerate manager. And that is what clients are looking for.

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