Coffee Service Myths Busted: Part 2

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Coffee Service Myths Busted: Part 2


Last week, our Java Geniuses presented you with a slew of common coffee misconceptions. How do these myths impact your coffee service? Well, if your years in the customer service industry have taught you anything, it’s that a well-angled news story makes for a relentless riot of inquisitive customers.

It is a responsibility you inherit with business management – explaining any rumors that arise regarding your product. This assures the safety and satisfaction of all your customers.

So, with that being said, here are two more common coffee myths that, we believe, require proper clarification from a professional brewer.

The Darker The Roast, The Stronger The Coffee

If you have a sign by your dark roast coffee that claims “stronger caffeine content,” take it down. It is a common misconception that gourmet coffee roasted to a darker degree is stronger, and therefore contains higher caffeine content. In fact, dark roast coffee contains less caffeine than lighter roasts – the roasting process burns off beans’ original caffeine content.

So, if dark roast coffee has lower caffeine content, why does it taste so strong? That potent flavor of the gourmet coffee is born strictly from the roasting process – what you taste in dark roast coffee isn’t extra caffeine, it’s the strong residual effects of the roasting process itself.

It’s Better To Buy Ground Coffee Than Use A Blade Grinder

Once ground, coffee beans begin to change in flavor by the hour. Your good old blade grinder, regardless of its shoddy condition, guarantee’s you immediate, 100% fresh coffee.

Already ground, store-bought bags (no matter how renowned the brand) are no match for the strength and richness of freshly ground coffee beans. If you don’t own a coffee grinder, grind your coffee directly into a mason jar, then seal it tightly– any contact with air breaks down the coffee’s delicate flavor oils.

We hope our Java Geniuses cleared up a few more fallacies faced by your coffee service customers. Remember, it’s important to your customers (and the success of your coffee service) that you’re knowledgeable of the product you’re selling. Stay on top of coffee misconceptions, be able to disprove any alarming rumors that roll your way, and keep your customer service ratings high.

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