Our previous blog post discussed 4 surprising health benefits of coffee consumption. The Java Geniuses are back this week to pour some more useful health information into your pot of knowledge. Here are 4 more ways coffee doubles as a mental and physical treatment for your office.


People rely on their coffee to kick-start the work day, but they usually settle for whatever caffeine-generating machine is closest. If they had their choice of workplace perks, surely a coffee service carrying the sweetest scents of gourmet coffee would be at the top of their list.


Most coffee stations offer, well – coffee. And while caffeine certainly does a number on an office full of people, many of them are also going to crave the warm simplicity of tea. Coffee may dominate as the morning drink of choice, but tea is quickly catching up in popularity. As more people take a greater interest in their health, even avid, life-long coffee aficionados are coming around to the softer, “second best” hot beverage.


While your office coffee service doesn’t exactly determine business profitability, it plays a big role in overall environment. Don’t you want a work atmosphere filled with positive, upbeat energy? Currently, you’re probably stopping by a highly trafficked coffee house, complete with a wild assortment of gourmet coffee, but your favorite java pit stop currently houses a nasty barista, complete with zero knowledge of gourmet coffee and a bad eye-rolling habit.