7 Reasons New Office Coffee Service Improve Employee Morale

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7 Reasons Enhanced Office Coffee Service Improve Employee Morale

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What’s the Big Deal About Office Coffee Service?

Are you looking for ways to create channels of communication and increase workplace satisfaction? Statistics show that when you provide a boost to your office coffee services through a variety of custom coffee blends and gourmet coffee selections, your employees feel more valued and work harder for the company’s growth and financial strength.

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What’s the Big Deal About Office Coffee Service?

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans drink coffee more than any other office beverage.  We’ve gathered some of the most interesting coffee statistics based on research:

  • 3 in 4 Americans drink coffee every day (74%)
  • 49% drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day
  • 32% of people purchase coffee from a coffee shop 1 to 3 days a week, with many spending $20 or less a month
  • 56% of Americans agree that drinking coffee benefits their health
  • 39% of people report Starbucks coffee is their favorite brand, while 30% prefer Dunkin’ coffee

What’s the Best Office Coffee Delivery Service

When you partner with The Java Geniuses for your office coffee machines or commercial coffee machines, you get access to a variety of coffee delivery service methods. We help you select the coffee machines that best suit your coffee station needs.

When your coffee service is professionally installed and maintained, you never have to worry about it breaking down when your team or customers need a pick-me-up.

Contact The Java Geniuses to find the coffee delivery system that’s right for you.

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7 Reasons for Office Coffee Service

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