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The Quality Express Coffee Story

Back in the year 2000, Ed Celiesius and Stuart Austin realized there was a need for an office coffee service company that understood great customer service. They had previously worked for a company where customer service was not a priority, leaving them and their customers feeling frustrated. They knew that in order to alleviate these kinds of problems they had to venture out on their own and create a company whose sole purpose was centered on customer service. Ed and Stuart knew they need one last piece of the puzzle to make this dream a reality so they called in Scott Wechsler a 40 year vet of the customer satisfaction industry. Once Ed, Stuart and Scott got together they knew that Quality Express Coffee was born for greatness. In order to show how serious Quality Express Coffee is in Customer Service, the following titles were chosen by the founders:

Quality Express Coffee early on was a pioneer in merchandising and setting up professional style coffee bars for independent stores and chains to match the largest chains. They provide beautiful signage along with great coffee bar set-ups and continued to out pioneer the competition by being one of the first coffee companies to offer our clients Electronic Menu Boards.

In order to provide great Customer Service, they look for technology that will enhance Customer Service, not replace it. All of their vehicles have GPS in them, so accurate information can be obtained and transmitted the instance their customers inquire about service time. Quality Express Coffee strives to constantly find new systems that make it easier, not harder to deal with us. Unlike most coffee service companies, QEC prides itself on answering it’s phone with a live person, not an annoying press 1 to hope, press 2 to get lucky and press 3 to hold for 10 minutes as we all have to deal with too often. Also, Quality Express Coffee is a market leader in delivering more health conscious products including Herbal Teas and Organic Coffee’s from around the world.

Quality Express Coffee sells to two types of customers. They provide service to Delis, Bagel Stores, Convenience stores, as well as restaurants where the coffee we deliver is re-sold. The motto for their retail portion of their business is, “We help you sell more coffee!” Our Java Geniuses have many proven strategies on coffee bar layouts, equipment type and product placement that will help you sell more coffee. We also provide coffee to many offices and corporate customers where the need for high quality coffee including Starbucks ,and Keurig, with excellent ease of use ideas. They provide a low cost employee benefit to help “perk up” the office. Let us bring “The Cafe Experience to your Office”.

Also, another example of our forward thinking is that we are a market leader in delivering more health conscious products including Herbal Teas and Organic Coffee’s from around the world.

Please give us a call at 866-452-8228 to see how easy it is to work with Quality Express Coffee. (866-4-Java-2U)

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